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    BOGY ist das Kürzel für den Prozess der Berufs- und Studienorientierung an den allgemein bildenden Gymnasien in Baden-Württemberg.
    Can someone please help me translate just this one sentence? I am fixing up a German guy's resume, I don't speak German myself and I got this sentence from the BOGY website to explain what it is...
    VerfasserTina16 Jan. 10, 21:15
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    bogey   auch: bogy (Brit.)der Leibhaftige   - verhüllend für "Teufel"
    bogey   auch: bogy (Brit.)das Schreckgespenst  Pl.: die Schreckgespenster
    bogey   auch: bogy (Brit.) [ugs.]der Popel  Pl.: die Popel [ugs.]   - verdickter Nasenschleim
    bogie   auch: bogy, bogey [TECH.]das Drehgestell  Pl.: die Drehgestelle   [Eisenbahn]
    bogie   auch: bogy, bogey [TECH.]der Rollenbock  Pl.: die Rollenböcke
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    Da hilft es doch sicher, wenn das Kürzel, das Akronym zuerst mal erklärt wird:

    BOGY = BerufsOrientierung an GYmnasien (in BW) . . .

    BOGY is the acronym for the process/project of job-orientation at grammar/secondary schools in ...' . . .
    #1VerfasserDaddy . . . (533448) 16 Jan. 10, 21:26
    It means roughly:

    BOGY (nice...) is the the abbreviation for the process of advising students in their career choice at the grammar schools in Baden-Würtemberg.

    (not their careers at the grammar schools, obviously, but the programme is provided by the schools.)
    #2VerfasserGibson (418762) 16 Jan. 10, 21:28
    If (s)he only advises on careers, then (s)he is a

    (school)career counselor

    If (s)he also advises on personal problems, career choices, family problems, how to pay for college studies, choice of universities, choice of courses etc., then
    (s)he is a

    (high school)guidance counselor

    requiring a two-year masters degree program in counseling... mostly psychology courses, statistics and career testing courses after the B.A..

    Most high schools in the USA are required to have guidance counselors... usually about 250 students to every one counselor. This is a movement that is slowly starting in Europe, but has been an integral part of the schools in the USA since the 1930's.

    We have over 2,000 colleges / universities in the USA, so students really do need some help in choosing the "right" school and the "right" major / career... a professional person that they can speak with.
    #3VerfasserX16 Jan. 10, 23:35
    BOGY is not a person (as all three postings make quite clear), so 'councelor' of any kind would not work here.
    #4VerfasserGibson (418762) 16 Jan. 10, 23:37
    OK, then the process would be...

    career counseling

    guidance counseling
    #5VerfasserX17 Jan. 10, 00:19
    career counseling I could live with, but how did you get from Prozess der Berufs- und Studienorientierung to guidance counseling?

    It doesn't really matter what is normal at US high schools, the system in Germany is totally different.
    #6VerfasserGibson (418762) 17 Jan. 10, 00:29
    'Career counseling' seems fine, or maybe something like

    career and university orientation program
    program to help students choose a career or academic field

    It might sort of depend on whether it's more an ongoing service or a one-time presentation.

    'Guidance counseling' is IMO just a redundant way to say 'counseling,' but it is used. As far as I know, it's not limited to career or college counseling, though; it can include help with personal or family problems.
    #7Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 17 Jan. 10, 01:02
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