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  • Subject

    Besetzungszettel (Oper)

    Orchester und Chor aus Usti nad Labem und Sän- ger, die bestimmt kein Besetzungszettel eines nennenswerten Opernhauses kennt.
    Does this mean playbill? Thanks so much.
    Authorairplane (U.S.) (484022) 06 Apr 10, 21:08
    cast list?
    #1Authornoli (489500) 06 Apr 10, 21:10
    'casting leaflet ? . . .

    ... abgeleitet aus:

    casting director [cine.] = der Besetzungschef | die Besetzungschefin
    instruction leaflet = der Beipackzettel . . .
    #2AuthorDaddy . . . (533448) 06 Apr 10, 21:13
    Playbill sounds best to me. In US theaters you get a program, with texts and ads, not just a Besetzungszettel. Playbill is normally used for stage plays and musicals, not for operas, but it's the closest clear equivalent. "Cast list" would give the same information, but there's no actual document that it would refer to. "Program booklet" sounds a tad artificial.
    #3Authormabr (598108) 07 Apr 10, 03:27
    You probably don't need to be too literal; how about just

    ... who doubtless have never appeared on the roster / whose name has certainly never appeared in the cast ...
    of a known opera house/company.

    I hope it's not quite as negative as, e.g.,

    an opera house worthy of the name / an opera company worth mentioning

    After all, there's a first time for everyone. (-:
    #4Author hm -- us (236141) 07 Apr 10, 05:09
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