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  • Subject

    to be jaded

    Noch eine letzte Frage für heute ;-):

    Kontext: Krimi (AmE). Wendy ist eine Fernsehreporterin, die in ihren Shows potentielle Pädophile bloßstellt. Sie sagt nun im Gericht als Zeugin aus und blickt auf die Angehörigen der Opferfamilien, die auch anwesend sind.

    Wendy looked over at the gallery. It helped her resolve. Those people out there had suffered greatly. Wendy was helping them find justice. Much as you could pretend to be jaded or claim that it was just her job, it meant a great deal to her - the good she had done.

    jaded = zynisch???

    Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe!

    AuthorKrimileserin07 Apr 10, 10:21
    Nicht laut LEO: Dictionary: jaded
    Einige der Treffer hier geben aber auch "cynical" als Bedeutung an.
    #1Author Dragon (238202) 07 Apr 10, 10:26
    abgestumpft passt doch in dem Zusammenhang...
    Wendy hat ja schon viel erlebt.
    Vor allem wenn man den 2. Teil des Satzes war nur ihr Job, aber trotzdem bedeutete es ihr viel...
    #2Authorx-toph07 Apr 10, 10:39
    Danke! Zuerst hatte ich den Eindruck, die Leo-Einträge würden gar nicht in dem Zusammenhang passen, aber "abgestumpft" passt tatsächlich doch :-)
    #3AuthorKrimileserin07 Apr 10, 10:43
    Suggestionzynisch ?
    jaded (adj.) - abgespannt, abgestumpft, ermattet, erschöpft, übersättigt

    internet examples:
    • With a standout building, the venture is already assured of some initial curiosity from otherwise jaded patrons.
    • a love that is not only creative but also steadfast, eternal and so empowering as to inspire joy in even the most jaded cynic or callous soul
    • he's added enough novel, indulgent features to warm jaded travelers and soothe frequently frazzled fliers
    • You can´t possibly get bored with them, which is a real gift when it comes to entertaining jaded (and tired) festivalgoers
    • His narration drapes jaded cynicism over the empty, vapid actions of characters locked in by delusion.
    • But just when you begin to feel jaded about the sports world comes a story that will make you feel hopeful, courtesy of a 19-year-old college golfer from Seminole County
    • The sheer levels of expectation that each new season brings are often enough to make even the most jaded and realistic of fans believe that their team can do better than they did the year before
    • He arrived in Vietnam gung-ho and optimistic, but grew jaded in the course of his service -- not about the Army but about the lack of any real strategic plan
    • his first novel, The Princess is Coming, tells a tale of innocence and miracles in a world he believes has grown almost too jaded to believe in either one
    I was trying to think how you would express 'jaded' in German in another context, like being disillusioned or turned off after experience has shown that it's probably not smart to hope for too much.

    'Cynical' wouldn't have been the first word to come to mind for me in English, because I associate that more with a person's inherent personality or character than as a response to some particular circumstance. But now that I see 'zynisch' as a suggestion, I wonder if it may not indeed be the closest in German.

    Does anyone else have other thoughts about the other options currently in LEO? At a glance, only 'abgestumpft' seemed plausible to me; several of the rest seem to mean physically tired, which to me is not the meaning of the English word at all. In fact, one of the examples I found actually listed 'jaded (and tired)' in a way that clearly shows they're two separate, unrelated qualities. So is that by any chance an obsolete sense?

    And 'übersättigt' I thought meant something more like just full or oversatiated, which isn't really the same thing either. I would have said that if you're jaded by something, it's not because you've had too much of it, but because you have seen enough of it to know that it's probably going to be disappointing, so that it's not new, interesting, or hopeful anymore.

    So would 'zynisch' not actually fit better than several of these, and does anyone have any other thoughts?
    #4Author hm -- us (236141) 21 Aug 12, 20:24
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