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  • Subject

    to do it with mirrors

    Mir sind nur zwei Belege bekannt, beide aus grauer Vorzeit erinnert:

    a) Ein Miss Marple-Roman (lt. Wikipedia hieß der in der US-Ausgabe übrigens Murder with Mirrors),

    b) Ein bei Uwe Johnson (in Jahrestage) zitierter Bericht der New York Times über einen Trickdiebstahl; hier sagt ein Polizeisprecher resümmierend: "You could say it was done with mirrors."
    Wenn ich They did it with Mirrors - Illusionist Architecture in the Baroque Church of XY als Titel / Thema für eine entsprechende Führung angebe, werden sich - einigermaßen gebildete - native speakers darunter etwas vorstellen können?
    Authorlate bird (666148) 11 Apr 10, 18:22
    makes sense to me (caveat: as a non-native).
    #1Authordude (253248) 11 Apr 10, 18:26
    I understand the point, and it's clever, but I'm not 100% sure it's a good idea in the context of baroque architecture precisely because literal, physical mirrors are something that one could imagine being used (if not so much in a church?). Or is that in fact what you mean, does the church really have mirrors in it?
    #2Authorhm -- us (236141) 11 Apr 10, 18:30
    Not really, I'm afraid; they use all kinds of trompe l'oeil effects there - but not mirrors. So it's just meant mataphorically.
    But to call it They did it with everything but mirrors would be too far-fetched, wouldn't it?
    #3Authorlate bird (666148) 11 Apr 10, 18:54
    Agree with hm-us. It's clever, but in this context you're implying that some actual mirrors are involved. If there aren't any mirrors, it'd probably be better to think of something else.
    #4AuthorSteve UK11 Apr 10, 18:56
    knowing the context now, I'd have to withdraw my comment, too. I was under the (apparently erroneous) impression that actual mirrors were used here.
    #5Authordude (253248) 11 Apr 10, 18:57
    Many thanks to the three of you!!!
    #6Authorlate bird (666148) 11 Apr 10, 19:05
    Sorry. It really was a nice idea. (-:
    #7Authorhm -- us (236141) 11 Apr 10, 19:18
    How very kind of you, hm--us.
    Maybe I'll save up the mirrors for some rainy day...
    #8Authorlate bird (666148) 12 Apr 10, 09:16
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