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    Kniebandschäden - mediale Bandverletzung: Oberschenkeltutor zirkulär bei 10-20° Flexion im Knie
    Liebe LEOs,

    kennt vielleicht zufällig jemand von Euch den korrekten orthopädischen Fachterminus im Englischen? Es scheint sich wohl um eine Art Schiene zu handeln - ansonsten bin ich da gerade ziemlich ratlos ...

    Danke schon mal für Eure Ideen und Vorschläge!
    AuthorWoody 1 (455616) 12 Apr 10, 10:20
    Gipsschiene/plaster splint als erster Vorschlag
    #1Authorad.joe (236303) 12 Apr 10, 10:25
    Googeln ergibt für "Oberschenkeltutor" das Synonym "Gipsschiene", was über LEO wiederum zu "femoral splint" führt:

    Das ist aber ergoogelt, nicht gewußt.

    #2Authorpenguin (236245) 12 Apr 10, 10:26
    Suggestionplaster cast
    müßte eigentlich ausreichen.
    #3AuthorWerner (236488) 12 Apr 10, 10:29
    Suggestionleg cylinder cast
    leg cylinder cast
    Etymology: ONor, leggr + Gk, kylindros + ONorse, kasta
    an orthopedic device of plaster of paris or fiberglass used to immobilize the leg in treating fractures from the ankle to the middle femur. It is used especially for repairing knee fractures and dislocations, for treating soft tissue trauma around the knee, for maintaining postoperative positioning and immobilization of the knee, and for correcting or maintaining correction of knee deformities. The cast extends from the upper thigh to the ankle. The foot is not encased. The long-leg cast may also be used for these purposes because it encases the foot and ensures greater immobilization.
    Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.
    "plaster cast" is definitiely not sufficient - that could be any length

    From the diagram here:
    an "Obershenkeltutor" is a leg cylinder cast (i.e. a long leg cast sparing the foot and toes)

    and, just to annoy Werner, have a look at "cylinder cast" here in Wikipedia ;-)
    #4AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 12 Apr 10, 10:40
    I hoped you would see this, Marianne - what exactly is a femoral splint, then? Is it used in a traction cast?
    #5Authorpenguin (236245) 12 Apr 10, 10:42
    Wow, Ihr seid ja super! Vielen Dank Euch allen - vor allem Marianne ...

    Ihr habt mir wirklich sehr geholfen!
    #6AuthorWoody 1 (455616) 12 Apr 10, 10:45
    Hi penguin
    IAN an orthopod, but "femoral splint" would to me mean a traction splint of some description for the leg (Thomas, Tobruk, Hare etc.) for hospital or emergency use.
    #7AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 12 Apr 10, 11:08
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