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  • Subject

    to one-eighty (Verb??)

    Hallo ich lese gerade 'Nanny returns' von Kraus/McLaughlin. Ich muss sagen, selten so verloren gefühlt in einem engl. Buch. Sonst komm ich leidlich klar, egal welche Epoche, egal welches Genre.

    Was z. B. heißt 'one-eighty'in:

    Then, as another doorman pushes back against the brass-encased glass to the somber dimness of the Xes' lobby. I one-eighty to the departing cab like Grace (a dog) enterin a vet's office."??

    Werd mich sicher noch ofter melden mit Zitaten :-((((
    AuthorNannylogics11 Aug 10, 09:09
    Suggestionum 180 Grad drehen

    sports 180-Grad-Drehung {f}

       /ˈwʌnˈeɪti/ Show Spelled[wuhn-ey-tee]
    –noun, plural -eight·ies. Informal .
    a turn or reversal of 180 degrees.
    #1AuthorSven DE (263308) 11 Aug 10, 09:13
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