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    Translation correct?

    einen Kommentar in meinen Blog posten - post a comment in my blog

    Source Language Term

    einen Kommentar in meinen Blog posten


    post a comment in my blog

    oder muss es heißen: on my blog??
    Authormayla68 (814805) 23 Aug 11, 07:36

    "In my blog" is used, but "on my blog" is more common.
    #1Authorlaalaa (238508) 23 Aug 11, 08:04
    I think 'comment on' is a standard collocation, and a blog (page) doesn't really have an inside.

    Other possibilities: about my blog, on my blog page, post a response to my blog ...

    'In' might be used more when referring to your own text: In my blog last week I mentioned ... You write something in (the middle of) your longer text, but guests post something on your page.
    #2Authorhm -- us (236141) 23 Aug 11, 08:06
    That sounds logical! Thank you :-)
    #3Authormayla68 (814805) 23 Aug 11, 15:43
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