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    Translation correct?

    sports coach / sports trainer - sport coach / sport trainer

    Source Language Term

    sports coach / sports trainer


    sport coach / sport trainer


    Was ist korrekt? mit "s" oder ohne ("sports..." oder "sport...")?



    Author fritsc3 (1291449)  11 Feb 20, 09:51

    Ich habe das noch nie mit sport(s) kombiniert gesehen. Nur coach oder die konkrete Sportart davor, z.B. soccer coach. Und zumindest in AE coach. Trainer ist eher Physiotherapie.

    #1AuthorIna R. (425467) 11 Feb 20, 19:28

    In general usage, "sport" is more typically BE, "sports" more typically AE.

    #2Authorhbberlin (420040)  12 Feb 20, 12:26


    "Sport trainer" and "sport coach" sound very odd indeed to this BE speaker.

    #3AuthorRTH01 (932829) 14 Feb 20, 00:42

    RE #3: As I indicated, "in general"--which doesn't necessarily indicate that the phrases cited are standard BE, either.

    #4Authorhbberlin (420040) 14 Feb 20, 10:18

    What Ina says in #1 is probably true in BE too. If you're talking about a single sport, then you'd probably specify: he's a rugby coach. My daughter's school offers a 'multi-sports' club, and in that instance I might call the teacher a sports coach. Except that we actually just call him the PE teacher.

    Otherwise I think hbberlin's statement in #2 is generally true: I like watching sports on tv (AE) vs I like watching sport on tv (BE).

    #5Authorpapousek (343122) 14 Feb 20, 13:47


    I would disagree that is generally true. I don't think I would ever say say "sport car", "sport bike", "sport jacket", "sport kit" or "sport club", for example.

    #6AuthorRTH01 (932829)  14 Feb 20, 21:23

    Wir sind hier ja in der Rubrik "Übersetzung korrekt?", aber im OP ist gar nicht angegeben, wofür sport(s) trainer oder sport(s) coach denn die Übersetzung sein soll. Das Wort Sporttrainer scheint mir jedenfalls auch im Deutschen eher ungewöhnlich.

    #7Authorharambee (91833) 17 Feb 20, 10:04
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