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    Translation correct?

    bahntechnische Meisterwerk - a masterpiece of railway construction technology

    Source Language Term

    bahntechnische Meisterwerk


    a masterpiece of railway construction technology

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Sie haben also nicht viel Zeit und sollten in den nächsten Minuten gut aufpassen, um das bahntechnische Meisterwerk bestaunen zu können
    meine Version klingt ziemlich "wortreich".
    PLEASE, any suggesdtions for an improvement. Thanks in anticipation.
    AuthorBill GB/D13 Jul 07, 14:18
    Where'd the "railway" come into play? Otherwise, this masterpiece of construction technology, sounds fine to me.
    #1AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 13 Jul 07, 14:22
    @ Carly-AE

    Thanks for the boost of confidence. The sentence is an announcement on a train before it crosses a world-famous viaduct in Switzerland.
    #2AuthorBill GB/D13 Jul 07, 14:25
    @Bill - Is it a general announcement, meaning one made on a daily / hourly basis? Or is it for a specific group of experts? If the latter is the case, then they know why they are on the train - and you could just say " You only have a few minutes time to admire our masterpiece."
    #3AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 13 Jul 07, 14:32
    Context/ examples
    a masterpiece of railway technology
    "Bahntechnisch" mentions railway.
    'construction' can be left out with no problem. Railways are a construction anyway.
    #4AuthorAlan (De/US) (236282) 13 Jul 07, 14:50
    @ Carley -AE no its a daily announcement for tourists & Thanks

    @ Alan (de/US) As the viaduct only has a rail track crossing it you are right - my version was too wordy. Thanks.
    #5AuthorBill GB/D13 Jul 07, 14:54
    Context/ examples
    a masterpiece of railway engineering

    a masterpiece of civil engineering
    "civil engineering" ist allgemeiner, deck aber sämtliche Bauwerke wie Brücken usw. ab.
    #6AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 13 Jul 07, 15:15
    This concerns the Landwasser viaduct of the Rhätische Bahn, I suppose, which is made of stones though ;-)

    But anyway Alan's suggestion is fine. And it IS a masterpiece...

    Look here !
    #7AuthorAJD unplugged13 Jul 07, 15:16
    PS. "railway technology" würde eher die Züge, evtl. Waggons usw. bedeuten.
    #8AuthorDW (EN) (241915) 13 Jul 07, 15:16
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