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    Translation correct?

    subpar - unterdurchschnittlich

    Source Language Term




    Examples/ definitions with source references
    However, (...) several vehicles stand out for SUBPAR performance in several important categories--in some cases, matters of life and death such as safety.
    Found this word in a ( article but for some reason LEO doesn't provide a translation. When I looked for other examples at google I found this ( explanation so I guess "unterdurchnittlich" should be a good translation. Any comments if I'm right are appriciated.
    AuthorNils (GE in CA)23 Jan 05, 00:05
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    subpar   rarely: sub-par  adj.unterdurchschnittlich
    subpar   rarely: sub-par  adj.suboptimal
    subpar performanceunterdurchschnittliche Leistung
    "Unterdurchschnittlich" kann in bestimmten Zusammenhängen passen. Allgemeiner verwendbar wären IMHO "unzureichend" oder "unzulänglich".
    #1AuthorGerd23 Jan 05, 00:38
    #2AuthorNils24 Jan 05, 02:56



    unter aller Sau

    Context/ examples

    "The Great Iraq Swindle
    How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit Contractors to Invade the U.S. Treasury
    But two years and $72 million later, you deliver not a functioning police academy but one of the great engineering clusterfucks of all time, a practically useless pile of rubble so badly constructed that its walls and ceilings are literally caked in shit and piss, a result of subpar plumbing in the upper floors.

    You've done such a terrible job, in fact, that when auditors from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction visit the college in the summer of 2006, their report sounds like something out of one of the Saw movies: "We witnessed a light fixture so full of diluted urine and feces that it would not operate," they write, adding that "the urine was so pervasive that it had permanently stained the ceiling tiles" and that "during our visit, a substance dripped from the ceiling onto an assessment team member's shirt."


    "par" stammt wohl aus dem Golfsport.
    Es steht dort für eine ordentliche Leistung eines Könners.

    below par ist noch besser! = weniger Schläge zum Ziel

    subpar bezieht sich offensichtlich auf "par" als abstrakte Leistung, nicht wie im Golfsport auf die Anzahl der Schläge.
    "You've done ... a terrible job" [s. Beispiel]
    Snowman (stehende 8) = Versager (4 Schläge mehr) wäre die nette Umschreibung im Golf.
    #3AuthorDirty_Harry10 Sep 07, 10:35

    unter Erwartung

    finan. Amer.

    Context/ examples
    Most analysts are predicting that growth will remain subpar, at an annual pace of 2 percent or less.

    Im Artikel: Gridlock Has Cost U.S. Billions, and the Meter Is Still Running, NY Times 2013 10 16
    Subpar bezeichnet hier m.E. das Nichterreichen einer nicht quantizierten Schwelle.
    #4Authorastra004 (960921) 17 Oct 13, 13:40
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