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    Translation correct?

    Dieser technische Projektabschlussbericht.... - This ...

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    Dieser technische Projektabschlussbericht....


    This ...

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Dieser technische Projektabschlussbericht orientiert sich mit seinem Inhalt und Aufbau an der Reihenfolge, die sich ergibt, wenn der Leser die gemäß Rahmenvertrag unter Punkt 7 genannte Rangfolge der Dokumente nacheinander durchgehen würde.
    This technical project completion report in its contents and structure follows the order of precedence which would result when a reader went through the documents in the same order as stated in item 7 of the master agreement.

    Ist das halbwegs ordentliches Englisch, versteht man das?????

    Author Silvia(D) (320521) 23 May 08, 18:08
    Your version is good and would certainly be understood.

    Some small improvements to your translation:

    In its contents and structure [put this first], this technical project completion report follows the order [delete "of precendence"] which would result if [erforderlich] a reader were to go [ME stilistich besser, nicht erfoderlich] through the documents in the order given in item 7 of the master agreement.

    If it's not a translation, try this:
    The structure of this technical project completion report mirrors the order in which the relevant documents appear in item 7 of the master agreement.
    #1AuthorSteve (BE)23 May 08, 18:17
    Thanks Steve, it is an translation, but I will use your version anyway, as it sounds so much better!
    #2AuthorSilvia(D) (320521) 23 May 08, 18:21
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt