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    Translation correct?

    i´m sick and tired of that theatre - i´m sick and tired of that theatre

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    i´m sick and tired of that theatre coll.


    i´m sick and tired of that theatre

    kann man umgangssprachlich sagen ich bin krank und müde von diesem theater bzw. spielchen ??
    Authorhallo200312 Mar 09, 19:08
    das würde eher heißen:

    ich habe die spielchen satt (das theater) aber denke, kann man so stehenlassen
    #1AuthorBea_D12 Mar 09, 19:09
    Ich bin krank und müde von diesem Theater ist verständlich aber nicht idiomatisch.

    Ich bin das Theater leid.
    Ich habe das Theater satt.
    Schluss mit dem Theater, es macht mich noch ganz krank.
    #2AuthorCarola (236513) 12 Mar 09, 19:14
    Which way are you translating, D>E or E>D? Next time, please put the original sentence in the field called 'Gegeben.'

    'Theater/theatre' does not have the same figurative meaning in English; it means literally Kino or Schauspielhaus.

    ('Krank und müde' also does not have the figurative meaning 'sick and tired of sth.' in German, as far as I know.)

    For the figurative sense, there are many options, depending on context. Maybe hassle, fuss, playing around, game-playing, act ...

    Check some of those with a dictionary or thesaurus, or else give some context.
    #3Authorhm -- us (236141) 12 Mar 09, 20:50
    you're right, hm-us

    "Ich bin krank und muede ..." als "I am sick and tired" gibt es in Deutsch nicht.

    Es heisst ueblicherweise "Ich bin es Leid ..." "Ich bin/habe es satt ..." "Ich habe es bis oben hin voll..." und aehnliches.
    #4AuthorRex (236185) 12 Mar 09, 21:05
    yep, agree with hm--us: neither the German nor the English version are idiomatic; in English, you don't use "theatre" in the sense of hassle, fuss, commotion, etc, and in German, "krank und muede" wouldn't be understood as "die Nase voll haben".
    #5Authorgo_Habs_go (379735) 12 Mar 09, 21:12
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