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    skulk pej. - der Drückeberger

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    related discussion: skulker - Drückberger

    2 skulk
    : one that skulks
    Examples of SKULK
    around campus he was seen as a solitary skulk who seemed to be a little too interested in news reports of school shootings

    lurker, sneak, skulker, slyboots, sneaker


    R.L. Stevenson, "Treasure Island"

    And just then the same whistle that had alarmed my mother and myself [...] was once more clearly audible through the night, but this time twice repeated.[...] I now found that it was a signal from the hillside [...], a signal to warn [the buccaneers] of approaching danger.

    "There's Dirk again," said one. "Twice! We'll have to budge, mates."

    "Budge, you skulk!" cried Pew. "Dirk was a fool and a coward from the first--[...]"

    Nebenform von "skulker" (vgl. dort)

    Auch im "Treasure Island"-Kontext passt "Drückeberger" perfekt. Dirk, der entfernt Schmiere stehende Pirat mit der Trillerpfeife, gibt 2x Signal: sie sollen sich zurückziehen.
    Und Pew schimpft seinen anderen Kumpan aus, ein Drückeberger zu sein, weil der wie ein Hasenfuß wegen einer seiner Ansicht minder gefährlichen Situation gleich Reißaus nehmen will.
    Author enigma_ (459970) 10 Jun 14, 11:23
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