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    to coördinate - aufeinander abstimmen | stimmte ab, abgestimmt |

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    to coördinate Verb veraltend - aufeinander abstimmen | stimmte ab, abgestimmt |

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    coördinate ‎(third-person singular simple present coördinates, present participle coördinating, simple past and past participle coördinated)
    (rare) Alternative spelling of coordinate
    coördinate ‎(plural coördinates)
    (rare)Alternative spelling of coordinate
    coördinate ‎(comparative more coördinate, superlative most coördinate)
    (rare)Alternative spelling of coordinate [quotations ▼]
    Usage notes
    See main entry, coordinate.

    “Coordinate” vs. “Co-ordinate” vs. “Coördinate”
    "Each spelling is considered to be correct, ..."

    an umlaut in English ... That made my day.
    Verfasserfrogli (19214) 11 Apr. 16, 20:54
    Ich finde diese Schreibweise nur hier :

     intransitive verb
    10.    to become coordinate; function harmoniously
    (Also ) coˈördinate

    Oxford, Cambridge, MW, Macmillan, AH und Longman listen diese Schreibweise nicht ...
    #1Verfasserno me bré (700807) 11 Apr. 16, 22:59
    It needs to be said that this spelling is 1000% more Metal.
    #2VerfasserThirith (1037221) 12 Apr. 16, 08:26
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    above the ngram showing usage in books throughout the ages.

    Rarer than rare.... (percentages on left-hand side of the graph)
    #3Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 12 Apr. 16, 11:01
    Well according to this author's analysis (http://www.kirkmahoney.com/blog/2008/09/coord...) the different spellings have a ratio of:

    Coordinate : Co-ordinate : Coördinate = 5,228 : 500 : 1

    So I agree it is being used rarely, but it is still being used and it is still considered correct spelling. So is it not the objective of a dictionary to also include old and rarely used words?

    ... and I disagree 1000% with #2. It has absolutely nothing to do with metal. This spelling has been used for more than 150 years.
    #4Verfasserfrogli (19214) 12 Apr. 16, 11:53
    I tend to forget that language is a deadly serious matter sometimes...
    #5VerfasserThirith (1037221) 12 Apr. 16, 12:15

    It is a matter for discussion whether extremely rare words should be included. In this case 0.0000003% max....
    #6Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 12 Apr. 16, 12:28
    Sorry Thirith, I had no clue that you were making a joke. ;-) Peace!

    #6 Well according to the ratio above it would be 0,00019 %. Which is a lot better than your numbers. ;-)
    #7Verfasserfrogli (19214) 12 Apr. 16, 12:38
    #8Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 12 Apr. 16, 12:47
    Im ngram-Viewer gibt es ähnlich viele Treffer für "cordinate" wie für "coördinate". Eine weitere alternative Schreibweise? ;-)
    #9VerfasserMattes (236368) 12 Apr. 16, 15:11
    This quirky way of avoiding using a hyphen is really only to be found in the New Yorker, I think. I have read the same kind of thing (coöperate, for example) in Lewis Mumford books.
    #10Verfasserisabelll (918354) 12 Apr. 16, 15:23
    #10, das meint auch ein Wiktionary-Benutzer in der Diskussion zum in #0 verlinkten Artikel: "This isn't just an alternate spelling. It's a prætentious alternate system of spelling used by a few individuals and the New Yorker." (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Talk:co%C3%B6r... )
    #11VerfasserMattes (236368) 12 Apr. 16, 15:37
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