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    ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) - Automatische Kennzeichenerfassung

    New entry

    ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) abbreviation - Automatische Kennzeichenerfassung

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    ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)


    Automatische Kennzeichenerkennung

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention.

    What is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)?

    ANPR is a type of camera that automatically reads vehicle number plates as they approach

    As a vehicle passes an ANPR camera, its registration number is read and instantly checked against database records of vehicles of interest.

    The ANPR cameras are robust, compact, durable and reliable, and can be installed on traffic lights, street lighting and existing masts

    Automatische Kennzeichenerfassung

    Kennzeichen automatisch erfassen und analysieren – Innovative Systeme zur Kennzeichenerfassung mit integrierter Deep Learning Software.

    Automatische Kennzeichenerfassung zu Fahndungszwecken? Ein Gesetzentwurf soll dies bundesweit einheitlich erlauben.

    Die automatische Kennzeichenerfassung bedarf der vorherigen Anordnung

    Automatische Kennzeichenerkennung in Deutschland

    Wo Ihr Nummernschild erfasst wird


    ANPR read the number plate of vehicles and check them in a database

    AuthorBubo bubo (830116) 17 Aug 22, 16:11

    Hier wird das als UK bzw. BE gekennzeichnet :


    noun [ U ]


    uk /ˌeɪ.en.piːˈɑːr/ us /ˌeɪ.en.piːˈɑːr/

    abbreviation for automatic number plate recognition: a technology that reads and records car number plates, so that vehicles can be checked to see if they have been stolen, belong to people involved in criminal activities, have been parked illegally, etc. :

    Police forces use ANPR for anti-terrorism work.

    We have no problem with ANPR being used to locate vehicles whose owners the police firmly suspect of having committed an offence. ...

     ANPR in British English

    abbreviation for

    Automatic Number Plate Recognition: a surveillance technology which uses optical character recognition on camera images to read a vehicle's numberplate ...

    #1Authorno me bré (700807) 18 Aug 22, 12:39
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