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    island swiftlet - Caroline swiftlet - Caroline Islands swiftlet - Micronesian swiftlet - Karoline…

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    island swiftlet - Caroline swiftlet - Caroline Islands swiftlet - Micronesian swiftlet ornith. - Karolinensalangane, f (Aerodramus inquietus Syn. Collocalia inquieta)

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    island swiftlet     [Vogelkunde] - Karolinensalangane, f  (Aerodramus inquietus Syn. Collocalia inquieta)

    Caroline swiftlet     [Vogelkunde] - Karolinensalangane, f  (Aerodramus inquietus Syn. Collocalia inquieta)

    Caroline Islands swiftlet     [Vogelkunde] - Karolinensalangane, f  (Aerodramus inquietus Syn. Collocalia inquieta)

    Micronesian swiftlet     [Vogelkunde] - Karolinensalangane, f  (Aerodramus inquietus Syn. Collocalia inquieta)


     Wissenschaftliche Sammlungen   › Teil-Katalog der wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen   Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

     ...  Aerodramus inquietus

    1. Karolinensalangane (Deutsch) 2. Caroline Swiftlet (English)

    › Lebewesen › Tier › Chordata [1. Chordatiere (Deutsch)] › Vertebrata [1. Wirbeltiere (Deutsch)] › Aves [1. Vögel (Deutsch)] › Apodiformes [1. Segler (Deutsch)] › Apodidae [1. Segler(artige) (Deutsch)] › Aerodramus inquietus [1. Karolinensalangane (Deutsch) 2. Caroline Swiftlet (English)]  ...

    Deutsche Namen der Vögel der Erde ...

     ... Segler         Familie Apodidae         Swifts 113

     ... Palausalangane      Aerodramus pelewensis      Palau Swiftlet      PO

    Marianensalangane      Aerodramus bartschi      Mariana Swiftlet      PO

    Karolinensalangane      Aerodramus inquietus      Island Swiftlet      PO

    Polynesiensalangane   Aerodramus leucophaeus      Tahiti Swiftlet      PO

    Atiusalangane      Aerodramus sawtelli      Atiu Swiftlet      PO

    Marquesassalangane   Aerodramus ocistus         Marquesan Swiftlet      PO   ...


    Wissenschaftlicher Name : Collocalia inquieta

    Andere Namen: Català: Falciot de les Carolines , English: Micronesian Swiftlet , Español: Salangana de las Carolinas , Basque: Aerodramus inquietus , Français: Salangane des Carolines , Nederlands: Carolinensalangaan ...

     Die Vögel der Erde

    – Arten, Unterarten, Verbreitung und deutsche Namen ...

     ... Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft, ...

    ... Segler 113 Familie Apodidae Swifts

     ... Palausalangane Aerodramus pelewensis (Mayr, 1935) PO: Palauinseln Palau Swiftlet

    Marianensalangane Aerodramus bartschi (Mearns, 1909) PO: Marianen Mariana Swiftlet

    Karolinensalangane Aerodramus inquietus (Kittlitz, 1858) PO: Karolinen Island Swiftlet

     ... Polynesiensalangane Aerodramus leucophaeus (Peale, 1849) PO: Gesellschaftsinseln Tahiti Swiftlet

    Atiusalangane Aerodramus sawtelli (Holyoak, 1974) PO: Cookinseln Atiu Swiftlet

    Marquesassalangane Aerodramus ocistus (Oberholser, 1906) PO: Marquesas Marquesan Swiftlet   ...

     ... 4170.   Apodidae, Cypselidae, Micropodidae – ᴅɪᴇ Segler

     … 4250.   Aerodramus – namenlos

    4251.   Aerodramus papuensis – ᴅɪᴇ Papuasalangane

     ... 4299.   Aerodramus sawtelli – ᴅɪᴇ Atiusalangane

    4300.   Aerodramus inquietus – ᴅɪᴇ Karolinensalangane

     ... 4304.   Aerodramus pelewensis – ᴅɪᴇ Palausalangane

    4305.   Aerodramus bartschi – ᴅɪᴇ Marianensalangane

    4306.   Aerodramus amelis or Aerodramus vanikorensis amelis – ᴅɪᴇ Grausalangane ...

     Aerodramus ist eine Vogelgattung in der Familie der Segler (Apodidae), deren Arten in tropischen und subtropischen Gebieten des südlichen Asiens, von Ozeanien und des Nordostens Australiens vorkommen.

    Ursprünglich wurden alle Salanganen einer einzigen Gattung zugeordnet. Eine Aufteilung auf zwei oder mehrere Gattungen wurde mehrfach diskutiert, die von R. K. Brooke 1970 vorgenommene Aufteilung auf drei Gattungen stieß erstmals auf breitere Zustimmung und wurde seit 2003 durch mehrere molekulargenetische Untersuchungen bestätigt.[1][2] Die mit Abstand größte Gattung ist dabei Aerodramus, darin enthalten sind die Arten, die über die Fähigkeit zur Echolokation verfügen.

     ... Folgende Arten werden der Gattung zugerechnet:

     ...     Palausalangane (Aerodramus pelewensis)

       Marianensalangane (Aerodramus bartschi)

       Karolinensalangane (Aerodramus inquietus)

       Atiusalangane (Aerodramus sawtelli)

       Polynesiensalangane (Aerodramus leucophaeus) ...

    Die im Jahre 2002 beschriebene ausgestorbene Mangaia-Salangane (Collocalia manuoi) gehört vermutlich ebenfalls in diese Gattung.  ...

     ... Taxonomy in detail

    Scientific name   Aerodramus inquietus

    Authority      (Kittlitz, 1858)

    Synonyms      Collocalia inquieta (Kittlitz, 1858)

    Common names

    English         Caroline Swiftlet

    Taxonomic sources      del Hoyo, J., Collar, N.J., Christie, D.A., Elliott, A. and Fishpool, L.D.C. 2014. HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Volume 1: Non-passerines. Lynx Edicions BirdLife International, Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge, UK.

     ... Taxonomic notes   Aerodramus inquietus (del Hoyo and Collar 2014) was previously placed in the genus Collocalia as C. inquieta. Collocalia inquieta (Sibley and Monroe 1990, 1993) was previously split into C. bartschi following Browning (1993) and AOU (1998) and C. inquieta following Browning (1993).   ...

     Caroline Islands Swiftlet Aerodramus inquietus

    Described by: Kittlitz (1858)

    Alternate common name(s): Island Swiftlet, Caroline Swiftlet, Carolines Swiftlet, Micronesian Swiftlet

    Old scientific name(s): Collocalia inquieta

     ... Range      Micronesia in the Caroline Is.;

    Three, restricted range populations;

    (1) Yap and Truk Is.

    (2) Ponape Is.

    (3) Kosrae Is. ...

     Apodidae- Swifts

     The Apodidae family includes the swifts. Swifts have forked tails and their wings have a boomerang shape when they are outstretched.

    Swifts spend most of their time in the air and cannot perch because their feet are so tiny! They use their tail feathers to help them land and move around on land. Swifts have short bills and are usually dull in color.

    Swifts often nest in caves or on cliffs. There are 102 species of swifts. Swift species are found everywhere, except for Antarctica. ...

     ... Caroline Islands Swiftlet - Aerodramus inquietus profile Video Least Concern Australia

    The Caroline Islands Swiftlet is found in Micronesia.

    Source: Internet Bird Collection Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle School  ...


    Order Apodiformes   Family Apodidae

     The swifts are a family, Apodidae, of highly aerial birds. They are superficially similar to swallows, but are actually not closely related to passerine species at all. Swifts are in the separate order Apodiformes, which they share with hummingbirds. The treeswifts are closely related to the true swifts, but form a separate family, the Hemiprocnidae. Swifts use their short legs only for clinging onto vertical surfaces or wires, and never land on the ground voluntarily.Because of this, and also because they usually fly fast and sledom alight, they are difficult to photograph. Often the best way to identify a swift is by where it is found. ...

    ... Genus Aerodramus

    These small swifts nest in caves. Unique among swifts, they use echolocation which enables them to navigate in caves. Because saliva is used to make the nests, some people consider them edible. ...

     ... Swiftlet,_Caroline_Islands Aerodramus inquietus 

    Found: Caroline Islands (near Guam)

    The Caroline Islands Swiftlet is also known as the Island Swiftlet and the Micronesian Swiftlet. ...

    10.2 - IOC World Bird List


    2164, 2164, Species, Island Swiftlet, Apodidae, Aerodramus inquietus, (Kittlitz, 1858), PO : Caroline Is. 2165, 2165, ssp, Aerodramus inquietus rukensis ...

     ... Two restricted-range species have been introduced: Nene Branta sandvicensis (from Hawai'i, EBA 218), introduced to Maui (184 birds present in 1989-1990) and Kaua'i (130 in 1995); and Micronesian Swiftlet Collocalia inquieta (from the Mariana and East Caroline Islands (EBAs 189, 192), established on O‘ahu from a flock introduced in 1962 (the race bartschi which is endemic to Guam). ...

     List of AVES species in Micronesia

     ... Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

     ... Ducula oceanica   Micronesian Imperial Pigeon   22691663   NT

    Zapornia monasa   Kosrae Crake   22692708   EX

    Aerodramus inquietus   Caroline Swiftlet   22686576   LC

    Ptilinopus hernsheimi   Kosrae Fruit-dove   22728074   LC

    Trichoglossus rubiginosus   Pohnpei Lorikeet   22684564   NT ...

     Aerodramus inquietus (Kittlitz, 1858)

     ...  Taxonomy and Nomenclature        

        Kingdom:   Animalia   

        Taxonomic Rank:   Species   

        Synonym(s):   Collocalia inquieta (Kittlitz, 1858)

                     Cypselus inquietus Kittlitz, 1858

        Common Name(s):   Island Swiftlet  [English]       

        Taxonomic Status:       Current Standing:   valid          

        Data Quality Indicators:   Record Credibility Rating:   verified - standards met ...

     The island swiftlet, also known as the Caroline swiftlet, Micronesian swiftlet, or Caroline Islands swiftlet, (Aerodramus inquietus) is a species of swift in the family Apodidae. Some taxonomists consider it to be a subspecies of the uniform swiftlet. It is endemic to the Caroline Islands, and its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

     ...  Scientific classification

     ... Class:   Aves

    Order:   Apodiformes

    Family:   Apodidae

    Genus:   Aerodramus

    Species:   A. inquietus

    Binomial name   Aerodramus inquietus   Kittlitz, 1858

    Synonyms      Collocalia inquieta ...

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