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    sylvan (also: silvan) - waldbewohnend

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    sylvan (also: silvan) adj. form. - waldbewohnend adj.

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    biol. adj. -




    adj. -


    Examples/ definitions with source references
    sylvan 2
    Function: adjective 
    1 a: living or located in the woods or forest b: of, relating to, or characteristic of the woods or forest
    2 a: made, shaped, or formed of woods or trees b: abounding in woods, groves, or trees : wooded

    variant of sylvan

    silvan, sylvan
    adjective OLD USE OR LITERARY
    of or having woods

    sylvan or silvan
    1. of forest: relating to, typical of, or found in a forest ( literary )
    2. wooded: covered in or full of trees ( literary )
    3. rural: characteristic of the countryside, especially in an idyllic way

    The northern section has an open and spacious feel. The squat stumps with their rectangular springboard holes look like sylvan dwarves in a Disney cartoon. Fallen giant trees show the shallow root system of the Douglas firs and how easily they are uprooted in winter windstorms.

    Demographics: Human (94%), Hairfoot Halfling (3%), Rock Gnome, (1%) Forest Gnome (1%), Sylvan creatures (1%)

    silvicolous: inhabiting wooded areas.

    Silvicolous with an affinity for shaded (woodland) habitats.

    In disturbed stands, habitat conditions have deteriorated; subsequently, some silvicolous ant species have disappeared.

    The more than 2,200 specimens in the cataloged collection are mostly forest-dwelling amphibians from Western Washington obtained during wildlife studies in the 1980s and early 1990s.

    Technicians are needed to aid in field research regarding the effects of forest structure on insect prey and the activity
    of forest-dwelling bats in the Central Appalachian region (KY, WV, TN, OH). The field season will last from May through August.

    Vom Höhlenbau der Spechte profitieren weitere Tierarten, die solche Quartiere gerne für sich nutzen. Dazu gehört die in der Eifel als gefährdet eingestufte Hohltaube (Columba oenas) ebenso wie verschiedene waldbewohnende Fledermausarten, die allesamt in ihrem Bestand z. T. stark gefährdet und deshalb gesetzlich geschützt sind.
    There will probably come a few more examples and possibly additional suggestions.
    Authorholger (236115) 10 Mar 08, 03:25


    form. -

    der Waldbewohner


    adj. form. -




    form. -


    Context/ examples
    forester - der Waldbewohner
    Dictionary: waldbewohn*

    sylvan 1
    Function: noun 
    : one that frequents groves or woods

    As a reclusive society of intelligent forest-dwelling races, The Sylvans have traditionally kept to themselves, and considered anything that transpires outside of their domain to not be of their concern.

    His lyrics for Led Zeppelin were oddly eco-friendly—odes to ice, snow, trees, and England’s sylvan beauty (several songs were inspired by “The Lord of the Rings”)—and, in retrospect, his singing, which often sounded distinctly un-Western, seemed to anticipate the globalization of pop.

    Canandaigua Lake, N.Y.: Of Indian Legends and Sylvan Trails

    The park is also part jungle, what we always called the "wilderness". This was five acres of sylvan mystery and romance, a bastion of trees rising up along the northern boundary and defending the park's nether reaches from the toffee-nosed terrors of St John's Wood.
    Comments welcome. I came upon this English word only very recently.
    #1Authorholger (236115) 10 Mar 08, 03:44
    Context/ examples
    Ecology: More hygrophilous than the other species of Bradycellus. A silvicolous species which is mainly recorded from woodland abutting acid heath or where drainage of lowland raised bog by agricultural improvement or turf-cutting has allowed birch seedlings to become established to form oligotrophic, acid woodland.
    (Ground Beetles of Ireland)

    Forest-dependent (silvicolous) wildlife are responsive to Landscape Quality and
    Site Quality.

    Recently, restoration techniques have been developed that hasten colonization by silvicolous wildlife.

    Fragmented Habitats No Ultimate Refuges for Forest-Dwelling Tropical Birds

    Roost switching, roost sharing and social cohesion: forest-dwelling big brown bats, Eptesicus fuscus, conform to the fission–fusion model

    Darunter sind typische waldbewohnende Arten wie Spechte oder Arten der offenen Landschaft, die auf den intensivierten, ausgeräumten Agrarflächen nicht überleben können.

    Perry war der erste, der in den Regenwäldern Costa Ricas eine deutliche Höhenzonierung bei waldbewohnenden Insekten (Bienen) nachweisen konnte, ein Phänomen, das seither vielfach beobachtet wurde.
    #2Authorholger (236115) 10 Mar 08, 04:03
    Context/ examples
    The true katydids make up the subfamily Pseudophyllinae. Those in the genus Pterophylla, are the true katydids of eastern North America. The sylvan katydids of Panama are also pseudophyllinids (see video). The 50-plus species are generally large and mimic a variety of botanical forms, including bark and leaves—both living and dead. ...

    Sylvan katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Pseudophyllinae) of the Guinean
    Forests of West Africa hotspot: an overview and descriptions of new species

    The horntails are typical sylvan insects; therefore, their distribution on the archipelago is limited to the southern islands, where there are true forests.
    Jetzt ist ein Eintrag für "sylvan" vorhanden: Dictionary: sylvan , mit "waldig" als einziger Übersetzung. Der scheint neu zu sein, denn ich hatte den englischen Begriff vor ein paar Tagen nicht in LEO gefunden.

    Aber "waldig" nützt in den obigen Beispielen nichts. Auch wenn das Wort sehr selten ist, müßte sein Spektrum an Übersetzungsmöglichkeiten möglichst komplett abgebildet werden.
    #3Authorholger (236115) 13 Mar 08, 16:32
    Context/ examples
    Essentially a sylvan species, Nielsen et al. (1954) state that it does not extend beyond the birch zone in the mountains.
    All appear nevertheless to inhabit sylvan areas.
    (The Biology of the Muscidae of the World - by Peter Skidmore 1985)

    Forest-dependent (silvicolous) wildlife are responsive to Landscape Quality and
    Site Quality.
    Bei der momentanen Neueintragsgeschwindigkeit würde es mich nun doch interessieren: War dieser Faden ein Flop? So absurd sind die Vorschläge ja eigentlich nicht ...
    #4AuthorWachtelkönig (396690) 28 Mar 08, 15:48
    Wird in ca. einer halben Stunde alles drin sein.
    #5AuthorDoris (LEO-Team) (33) 28 Mar 08, 16:31
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