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    Wrong entry in LEO?

    sports outfitters - Sportgeschäft

    Wrong entry

    sports outfitters - Sportgeschäft


    sports shop



    "sports outfitters" ist kein Geschäftslokal, sondern eine Branchenbezeichnung.
    AuthorViktor08 Dec 10, 09:47

    sports outfitter(s)


    1. Sportbekleidungsgeschäft, Sportshop;

    Context/ examples
    outfitter [ˈaʊtˌfɪtə]
    n Chiefly Brit
    1. a shop that sells men's clothes
    2. a person who provides outfits

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

    1. Geschäft, das Herrenkleidung verkauft = "Herrenausstatter"
    2. eine Person, die Kleidung/Ausstattungsgegenstände liefert,

    shop for sports gear = Sportgeschäft = "Sportausstatter"
    #1Authorw08 Dec 10, 11:22
    Context/ examples
    Buoyed by the Don's words, Alley went off to the nearest sports outfitters and bought himself a dozen cream shirts.

    In 1905 Broughton opened a sports outfitters at 76 Market Street Wigan and was remembered by those who knew or worked for him as a small man, always smartly dressed and extremely courteous. He lived above the shop...

    Elliott ran a sports outfitters at Derby where he died at the age of 85.

    After his football career ended he established a sports outfitters and was involved in a office equipment venture.

    Buchan not content with his sporting wages opened a sports outfitters in the City,

    He was the son of Martin Redmayne, who ran a sports outfitters in the city before the Second World War

    In September 1895, the original FA Cup trophy - a small, silver cup known as "the little tin idol" - was stolen from the window of a sports outfitters in Birmingham, where it was on display

    He opened a sports outfitters in Cape Town and died there in 1949 during his 91st year.

    . . .
    Da sports shop bisher in LEO fehlt related discussion: Sportgeschäft würde ich einen zusätzlichen Eintrag unterstützen (sofern Viktor o.a. noch Belege nachliefern), aber es wäre falsch, "sports outfitters" aus dem Wörterbuch zu entfernen: Das Wort meint sehr wohl "Ladenlokale" alias Sportgeschäfte! Korrektur nicht unterstützt.

    @Viktor: Wie würdest Du "sports outfitters" in obigen Beispielen übersetzen?
    #2Authorlunatic08 Dec 10, 13:03
  automatisch zu   umgewandelt