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    Wrong entry in LEO?

    cleanly (pronunciation of adjective) - reinlich, sauber

    Wrong entry

    cleanly (pronunciation of adjective) adj. - reinlich, sauber

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    The audio file for the adjective "cleanly" is the same as that for the adverb "cleanly".

    However, the two words are not pronounced the same.

    Adverb: /ˈkliːnli/

    Adjective: /ˈklɛnli/

    AuthorCM2DD (236324)  26 May 22, 17:00

    Auch die Stilebene ist offensichtlich eine andere: beim Adjektiv ist im lexico-Eintrag archaic vermerkt.

    #1AuthorRominara (1294573) 27 May 22, 00:40

    I see that Merriam-Webster doesn't mark the adjective as archaic; on the other hand, some online dictionaries don't seem to list it at all. I would say it's fairly rare nowadays in BE.

    #2AuthorHecuba - UK (250280) 27 May 22, 10:42

    Has it an archaic ring to it when you hear "cleanly woman"?

    #3AuthorRominara (1294573)  27 May 22, 12:58

    Yes. Unlike the noun "cleanliness", which is in common use.

    #4AuthorHecuba - UK (250280) 27 May 22, 14:46


    #5Authorno me bré (700807)  30 May 22, 09:43
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