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    Wrong entry in LEO?

    cinematography, cinematics pl. - die Kinematographie auch: Kinematografie

    Wrong entry

    cinematography, cinematics pl. - die Kinematographie auch: Kinematografie



    cinem. -

    die Kameraführung

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    * cin·e·ma·tog·ra·phy
    : the art or science of motion-picture photography
    * ki·ne·mat·ics
    noun pl but singular in constr
    1: a branch of physics that deals with aspects of motion apart from considerations of mass and force
    2: the properties and phenomena of an object or system in motion of interest to kinematics
    the kinematics of the human ankle joint

    noun [uncountable] (technical)
    the art or process of making films/movies

    noun [U] specialized
    the art and methods of film photography

    the skill or study of making films

    BERTELSMANN Wörterbuch
    * Ki|ne|ma|to|gra|phie [f. -; nur Sg.] Filmtechnik, Filmwesen (in der Anfangszeit des Films); Kinematografie [
    * Ki|ne|ma|to|gra|fie, Kinematographie, die; -:
    1. (früher) Verfahren zur Aufnahme u. Wiedergabe bewegter Bilder.
    2. Gebiet, das ...
    * Ka|me|ra|füh|rung, die (Film):→ Führung der Kamera beim Filmen.

    Dictionary: cinematographer

    "Cinematography [...] is the making of lighting and camera choices when recording photographic images for the cinema."
    "A cinematographer is one photographing with a motion picture camera (the art and science of which is known as cinematography). The title is generally equivalent to director of photography (DP), used to designate a chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film, responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image."
    "Der Kameramann oder die Kamerafrau ist verantwortlich für die Kameraführung oder Bildgestaltung bei der Produktion von Filmen, [...]"
    It seems to me that the German "Kinematographie" is about the technology whereas the English "cinematography" refers to the artistic choices in filming--the work of a cinematographer. The dictionary definitions are somewhat open to interpretation but the Wikipedia article is clear.

    "Cinematics", according to M-W, is something completely different. The other dictionaries don't even list the term.
    Author oreg (353563) 27 Feb 11, 15:15



    Kinematographie, -fie (Hist.); Filmtechnik, Filmaufnahme

    Context/ examples
    cin·e·ma·tog·ra·phy (sn-m-tgr-f)
    The art o r technique of movie photography,
    i n c l u d i n g both the shooting and development of the film.

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

    Die Kunst o d e r Technik der Filmfotograhie
    e i n s c h l i e ß l i c h sowohl der Aufnahme als auch der Entwicklung des Films.

    #1Authorwmw (386353) 27 Feb 11, 17:30
    Context/ examples
    the art of making motion pictures.

    photographing of motion pictures: the art or technique of photographing and lighting motion pictures

    noun [uncountable] cinema
    the job or skill of making movies

    the art, science, and work of photography in making films

    Cambridge Dictionary of American English:
    noun [U]
    the art and methods of photography used in making a movie
    The cinematography is what makes this film as wonderful as it really is.

    Encyclopædia Britannica:
    Art and technology of motion-picture photography. It involves the composition of a scene, lighting of the set and actors, choice of cameras, camera angle, and integration of special effects to achieve the photographic images desired by the director. Cinematography focuses on relations between the individual shots and groups of shots that make up a scene to produce a film's effect.

    Collins Discovery Encyclopedia:
    the art or science of film (motion-picture) photography

    McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms:
    (graphic arts)
    Motion picture photography.

    Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia:
    motion picture photography or cinematography,
    photographic arts and techniques involved in making motion pictures.
    Cinematography is the act of lighting and photographing the images.

    ArtLex Art Dictionary:
    Cinematography is the art of motion-picture photography.

    Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science (ODLIS):
    Derived from the name of the Cinematographe apparatus invented in 1895 by Auguste and Louis Lumière, the term is applied both to the art and scientific methods of motion picture photography and to the entire process of making motion pictures, including photography, processing, editing, printing, and projection. The cinematographer (also known as the "director of photography") is typically in charge of the camera crew and provides advice to the film director as needed concerning the camera angles and shots that are possible in each scene and their technical requirements. Also refers to the act of making a motion picture. In the United States, an Academy Award is given each year for best cinematography.
    Some more definitions.
    #2Authororeg (353563) 27 Feb 11, 18:22

    no correction necessary



    Context/ examples
    1) Duden: Kinematographie, ...fie 1. /früher) Verfahren.... 2. Gebiet, das die Gesamtheit der Grundlagen u. Verfahren bei Aufnahme u. Wiedergabe von Filmen umfasst; Filmtechnik, -wissenschaft, -kunst.

    Brockhaus/Wahrig: ... 1. (in der Frühzeit des Films) Verfahren zur Aufnahme und Wiedergabe von bewegten Bildern 2. Filmwissenschaft u. -technik, Filmkunst

    2) Merriam Webster Collegiate: cinematic Adj. 1: filmed and presented as a motion picture (...) 2: of, relating to or suitable for motion pictures or the filming of motion pictures (~ principles and techniques)

    Webster's Enc. Unabridgted (Portland House = Random House)
    cinematics n. (construed as sing. or pl.) the process or art of making motion pictures; cinematography
    1) The important part from the Duden entry was missing.

    2) Please don't confuse kinematics and cinematics.

    A cinematographer (as a director of photography) is a special technical term, but that doesn't alter the meaning of cinematography in general. Likewise, Kameraführung is only part of what cinematography (or Kinematographie) means, it's not a translation.

    I don't think the entry should be changed.
    #3AuthorsebastianW (unpl.)28 Feb 11, 10:55


    cinem. obs. -

    die Kinematographie auch: Kinematografie


    cinem. -

    die Kameraarbeit, die Kamera

    The Webster's edition from 1913 indeed lists 'cinematics' as a synonym to cinematography--but no modern dictionary does (they only list it as a synonym to 'kinematics' which has nothing to do with film). Therefore, I concede that the entry can stay but it desperately needs an [obs.] tag.

    The Academy Award for Best Cinematography is commonly translated to Oscar für die beste Kamera. This corroborates my main concern with the current entry: 'Cinematography' is a common word in English whereas 'Kinematographie' in German is at best a technical term that hardly anyone outside the film business can define.

    Moreover, I maintain my statement from the OP: It seems to me that the German "Kinematographie" is about the technology whereas the English "cinematography" refers to the artistic choices in filming--the work of a cinematographer.

    The point about "Kameraführung" is well taken. "Kameraarbeit" would be a broader term, often shortened to "die Kamera" (as in "Oscar für die beste Kamera").
    #4Authororeg (353563) 28 Feb 11, 12:20

    cinematics obs.??



    >>The Webster's edition from 1913 indeed lists 'cinematics' as a synonym to cinematography--but no modern dictionary does (they only list it as a synonym to 'kinematics' which has nothing to do with film). Therefore, I concede that the entry can stay but it desperately needs an [obs.] tag.<<<br/>

    Random House, as I said above, does list cinematics and does not list it as a synonym (you mean variant) of kinematics. M-W Collegiate does not list the noun, but M-W Unabridged does:
    "2. The art or technique of cinematic presentation"
    (#1 is "var. of kinematics")

    No "obs." or "dated".

    Both the English and the German word can refer to the historical technology of the cinématographe, that depends on context.

    "Kamera" for cinematography is a metaphor and is misleading as a translation. Maybe something like

    "cinematography -- rarely die Kamera(arbeit)"

    would solve that problem but I doubt that such an entry is necessary.

    You may be right in saying that Engl. cinematography may be more widely used and have a somewhat broader (or narrower, for that matter) meaning than the German term. Still, I can't see how this could be conveyed without explanations.

    Maybe sb else could comment.
    #5AuthorsebastianW (382026) 01 Mar 11, 18:36
    "cinematics" ist nach wie vor ohne Kennzeichnung verzeichnet, obwohl es in keinem der gängigen Wörterbücher neueren Datums in der Bedeutung "Filmkunst" enthalten ist, auch nicht im M-W (free online edition):
    #6AuthorRodos (930149) 27 Aug 15, 16:16
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt