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    vanishing creme - Tagescrème

    New entry

    vanishing creme - Tagescrème

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Tagescrème, die

    als alternative Schreibweise
    Authornaka-naka (629692) 14 Aug 11, 20:45
    Just for the record, I don't think 'creme' is a standard spelling in English, though you may see it in contexts like advertising (where, by the way, you will also see nonstandard spellings like lite, tonite, and thru).

    The exceptions are entire expressions from French, like 'creme de menthe.'

    I'm also not sure that Tagescreme is the right translation; that sounds just like moisturizer, moisturizing lotion/cream. Vanishing cream sounds more like moisturizer for the eyes, or anti-wrinkle cream; not sure that's quite the same thing, or at least, the same emphasis.
    #1Authorhm -- us (236141) 15 Aug 11, 18:07
    ... ich frage mich, ob hier mit 'vanishing' der Aspekt des 'Einziehens' gemeint ist . . .

    LEO: Dictionary: einziehen* . . .
    #2AuthorDaddy . . . (533448) 15 Aug 11, 21:43
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