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    Translation correct?

    Musst du...?/Hast du...? - Do you have to.../Have you got to...?

    Source Language Term

    Musst du...?/Hast du...?


    Do you have to.../Have you got to...?

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Hast du heute Zeit? - Do you have/have you got time
    Musst du Hausaufgaben machen? - Do you have to/Have you got to do homework?
    Hast du noch Fragen? - Do you have/Have you got any questions?

    Ich habe keine Zeit. - I don't have/I haven't got any.
    Ich muss keine machen. - I don't have/I haven't got any
    ich habe keine mehr. - I don't have/I haven't got any
    Was ist geläufiger bzw. "richtiger" oder ist beides genauso gut oder eben kaum genutzt?
    Was ist grammatikalisch angebrachter?
    AuthorxDxD123 (832394) 08 Dec 11, 18:55
    BE prefers the latter form of each pair, AE the former, I believe.
    #1Authoramw (532814) 09 Dec 11, 11:36
    "Have you got to do homework?" doesn't sound terribly common to me. I'd use it in a statement ('I've got to do the laundry', 'He's got to stop behaving like that') but for some reason not in a question for 'müssen'.

    #2AuthorGibson (418762) 11 Dec 11, 17:50




    Context/ examples
    In BE 'Have you got to do homework' would mean now, or imminently. 'Do you have to do homework? would mean regularly.
    #3AuthorRobert Wilde (360884) 11 Dec 11, 21:01
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