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    childly Adj. - kindlich Adj.

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    adj \ˈchī(-ə)l(d)-lē\
    Definition of CHILDLY
    : childlike 

    adj \ˈchī(-ə)l(d)-ˌlīk\
    : resembling, suggesting, or appropriate to a child or childhood; especially : marked by innocence, trust, and ingenuousness

    child·ly audio (chldl) KEY

    Siehe Wörterbuch: childlike
    LEO: childlike - kindlich

    Aus: BERTELSMANN Wörterbuch
    kind|lich [Adj. ] in der Art eines Kindes (und niedlich oder rührend); eine ~e Freude an etwas haben
    Doubting my fading English skills, I wasn't sure if "childly" was even a word, and after not finding it in LEO, my doubts grew. But Google gave plenty of hits and it's in Merriam Webster. (Didn't find it in the Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries, however.)
    Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 20 Jan. 12, 17:08
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    childish   - typical of a child, childlike  Adj.kindlich
    childlike  Adj.kindlich
    puerile  Adj.kindlich
    childlike curiositykindliche Neugier (auch: Neugierde)
    chest circumference of the childkindlicher Brustumfang
    puerile humorAE
    puerile humourBE
    kindlicher Humor
    babyismkindliches Wesen
    Now let's see if anyone can find an example of its actual usage ... I can't!

    Edit; No, wait, found this:
    Childly Language: Children, language and the social worldAlison Sealey, Lecturer in the Department of English Studies, University of Warwick

    But this is a book about children's use of language, so I'd be interested to know if "childly" isn't simply an example of words that children made up.
    #1Verfassercaptain flint (782544) 20 Jan. 12, 17:21
    Well, I just posted a picture online of my young daughter waving excitedly to the snowplow as it went past, with the caption "Ah, childly pleasures!" Somehow "childlike pleasures" doesn't work here, and "the pleasures of being a child/the joy of being a child" work, but aren't as nice and concise. :-}

    childly pleasures

    Here are some other ways I would expect to hear it/use it myself:

    childly actions

    childly antics

    childly waving (Okay, that one's an adverb.)

    Childly language: children, language, and the social world
    Childly Language explores how attitudes and cultural assumptions about children and childhood are revealed in contemporary English.

    childly innocence

    Edith says: Could be it's not used in BE -- as I mentioned, I didn't find it on the OALD and CALD sites.
    #2Verfasserhermarphromoose (169674) 20 Jan. 12, 17:43
    If it's not in reputable BE dictionaries, I'd vote to mark it AE. Re #1, Alison Sealey could be American for all we know. :-) (I haven't checked though.)
    #3VerfasserKinkyAfro (587241) 20 Jan. 12, 17:58
    It is in the OED & SOED, a good word if used rightly.
    #4Verfasserjmstuart (386235) 09 Feb. 12, 09:14
    I would suspect it of being literary and/or obsolescent, and would support adding it with some such marking. It sounds more like Tennyson to me than Minimus, as poetic as she no doubt is.

    Though I can also see why you might be drawn to it with 'Ah, ...'

    NOAD, AHD - no
    Webster's 3rd unabridged - CHILDLIKE, CHILDISH 1.
    Random House unabridged - [Rare.] childlike, childish.

    childly - a. and adv. [... Often used in 19th c. literature, after having been obsolete since 16th c.] A. adj.
    1. Of, belonging to, or natural to a child or childhood; childish.
    [most recent citation Tennyson 1864]
    †2. Becoming or proper to a child (as related to parent); filial. Hence childly fear.
    [most recent citation Golding 1583]
    B. adv. In a childish or childlike manner.
    [most recent citation 1483]
    #5Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 09 Feb. 12, 09:42
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