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    numbers man - Mann mit guten Beziehungen

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    numbers man pol. noun Amer. fam. - Mann mit guten Beziehungen noun

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Verwendet in TIME für Vizepräsidentschaftskandidat Paul Ryan
    Author Hans555 (518959) 03 Sep 12, 11:32
    Zwei Hinweise hätte ich hierzu:
    Das Urban Dictionary allein ist nicht ausreichend belegfähig. Lies doch mal diese Anleitung hier:
    Außerdem ist der "numbers man" in dem von Dir verlinkten Artikel sicherlich mindestens doppeldeutig gemeint, siehe z.B. diesen Satz:
    "Ryan and Romney are number crunchers, men driven more by the power of data and market-centric theories of government than by the theater and raw emotion of politics."
    #1Authorigm (387309) 03 Sep 12, 12:13
    I'd only understand 'numbers man' in that article as referring to his being a budget planner.
    #2AuthorCM2DD (236324) 03 Sep 12, 12:32
    I agree that 'guten Beziehungen' misses the point, though I would support adding some other translation for numbers person (/ man / woman) if it could be agreed on.

    The explanation in the last paragraph of #1 is generally good. A numbers person is a person who specializes in or enjoys working with numbers, in the sense of figures: that is, math, statistics, accounting, budgeting, economics, data analysis, any kind of analysis that is more quantitative than qualitative. In the Time article, as CM2DD suggests, it may refer less to inherent traits than to the role he has assumed within the legislature and his party: the person who has focused on the numbers, on the bottom line, perhaps not only in regard to budget planning but also vote counting, state-by-state electoral strategy.

    OT: All that said, 'numbers man' is probably more a convenient shorthand than an accurate description of his complete character, as he seems equally interested or more so in social issues, where his views are fervently ideological. ('Opus Dei man' might be closer to the truth -- would be nice if some enterprising reporter could find out.)
    #3Authorhm -- us (236141) 03 Sep 12, 17:09

    der Zahlenmensch ?


    numbers man / numbers person

    Context/ examples
    related discussion: numbers man
    related discussion: to crunch numbers

    number cruncher [coll.] [comp.] - der Höchstleistungsrechner
    number cruncher - der Zahlenschieber
    number cruncher (person) - der Zahlenzauberer | die Zahlenzauberin
    number crunching - Verarbeitung von großen Datenmengen
    number crunching - die Zahlenverarbeitung
    Dictionary: number* crunch*
    (Why can't I edit in this section?)

    The first thread linked above has

    ein Mann der Zahlen
    ein Mann, der mit Zahlen zu tun hat

    Would any of those be worth listing? And perhaps one while we're at it for the verb

    to crunch (the) numbers (coll.)

    #4Authorhm -- us (236141) 03 Sep 12, 18:21
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