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    Kolbenführungsflächen - Inner cylinder surfaces


    Kolbenführungsflächen Tech.


    Inner cylinder surfaces

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    5.Ringkörper, Nuten, Kolbenoberfläche und Kolbenführungsfläche reinigen.

    Part of step-by-step instructions on how to replace the seals in a so-called hydraulic plate.

    I have never heard the part through which the piston moves called anything other than a cylinder. I would talk about cleaning the inside of the cylinder.
    And though they refer here to the "Kolbenführungsfläche", I tend not to want to translate it into the very non-native sounding "piston guidance/guiding surface". The question is, if the target audience is non-native English speakers, would they understand what cylinder I was talking about?
    I guess it's clear enough what is meant by "piston guiding surfaces" but I really would like to avoid that if at all possible. Just doesn't sound like normal English to me.
    Eager to hear your comments/thoughts.
    Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 11 Sep. 13, 21:13
    "Kolbenführungsfläche" isn't exactly common in German either, is it? It sounds very patent-ish to me, in which case you'd have to stick to a more literal translation like "piston guiding surface". Otherwise, "inside surface of cylinder" or "cylinder wall" perhaps?
    #1VerfasserAnne(gb) (236994) 12 Sep. 13, 00:16
    I did notice that most of the "piston guiding surfaces" that you find on Google are from patents. This is not one but rather an operator's manual.
    #2Verfasserhermarphromoose (169674) 12 Sep. 13, 08:42
    I've just had a thought: if an annular piston is involved, might it be guided by some surface on the inside as well as by a cylinder wall on the outside? That would make "piston guiding surfaces" a safer bet than referring to a cylinder.
    #3VerfasserAnne(gb) (236994) 12 Sep. 13, 09:48

    piston bearing surface

    als Vorschlag.

    There were a several engine failures in Continental IO-520 engines in the 1990's when the piston design reduced the piston bearing surface (thrust face) to an area about the size of a quarter


    #4Verfasserwienergriessler (925617) 12 Sep. 13, 10:09
    Good point, thank you, Anne! You're always such a help with my awful technical queries.

    Edith dankt wienergriessler für den guten Link!
    #5Verfasserhermarphromoose (169674) 12 Sep. 13, 10:09

    Hier findet man zumindest eine Abbildung der mit grün markierten Kolbenführung und der dazugehörigen Kolbenführungsfläche

    #6Verfasserwienergriessler (925617) 12 Sep. 13, 10:23
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