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    Translation correct?

    allgemeine Hinweise / ableiten / Ersatzanspruch - general information / derive / recourse/compensati…

    Source Language Term

    allgemeine Hinweise / ableiten / Ersatzanspruch


    general information / derive / recourse/compensation claims

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    dt: Diese Produkt- und Verarbeitungsbeschreibung sind allgemeine Hinweise aufgrund unserer Erfahrungen und Prüfungen. Sie können den konkreten Anwendungsfall nicht berücksichtigen. Ersatzansprüche lassen sich daraus nicht ableiten.

    engl: These product and application descriptions are general information based on our gained experiences and tests. They cannot include the concrete use case. Recourses/compensation claims cannot be derived from these.
    Abschlussbemerkung zu Anleitung zu Bodenversiegelung. Hat jemand Vorschläge? Danke.
    AuthorRoteZora1980 (245596) 10 Feb 14, 18:37

    These product and application descriptions provide general information based on tests and on experience. Individual applications / uses cannot be taken into account. Compensation claims cannot be derived from them.
    #1Authortomtom[uk] (762098) 10 Feb 14, 18:55
    Another possibility:

    The descriptions of this product and its making are only general information based on our research and testing. They neither consider nor describe cases of actual use, and cannot be the basis for any compensation claim.
    #2AuthorHappyWarrior (964133) 11 Feb 14, 14:08
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