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    Translation correct?

    besonders bevorzugt - particularly preferably

    Source Language Term

    besonders bevorzugt law


    particularly preferably

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Das Bodenelement kann eine maximale Temperaturbelastung von besonders bevorzugt ...°C aufweisen.
    The floor element can have a maximum temperature load of particularly preferably ...°C.
    Authormichma (627707) 04 Sep 14, 10:08
    Ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass das 'besonder bevorzugt' über irgendeine Übersetzungskette aus 'höchstens' o.Ä. entstanden ist. -> 'at most'
    Ob man die Redundanz von 'maximum' und 'at most' irgendwie auflöst, sei dahingestellt.
    #1Authorwor (335727) 04 Sep 14, 10:22
    Und ich bin nicht nur ziemlich, sondern sogar sehr sicher, dass das "besonders bevorzugt" nichts mit einer "Übersetzungskette" zu tun hat. Das ist normaler Sprachgebrauch in Patenten.
    Dementsprechend entsteht auch keine Redundanz.
    #2AuthorDragon (238202) 04 Sep 14, 10:29
    spring to mind. - ich finde besonders bevorzugt eigenartig
    #3Authornoli (489500) 04 Sep 14, 10:34
    Patentsprache ist manchmal eigenartig...
    #4AuthorDragon (238202) 04 Sep 14, 10:39

    I was interested in what you said in #2 regarding "besonders bevorzugt."

    My questions are whether the OP's English translation thereof is correct, and whether the translation is also a common expression in US patent practice.

    #5AuthorHappyWarrior (964133) 04 Sep 14, 10:47
    this still bothers me - particularly/especially preferred/preferable?
    #6Authornoli (489500) 04 Sep 14, 11:01
    @5: preferably...., more preferably..., most preferably is used all the time in patents, and you also often see particularly preferably.

    The idea is that you claim a broad range, such as "20 to 100 degrees C", and gradually whittle it down to the range you have found to work best, so that you can strike away the less relevant bits during the grant procedure if necessary without giving up the core part, and at the same time having the option of broader protection if the examiner does not find anything. So if your optimum is 55 degrees, you might put "20 to 100, preferably 30 to 90, more preferably 40 to 75, most preferably 50 to 60, especially 55" in your patent application.
    #7AuthorDragon (238202) 04 Sep 14, 11:22
    Thanks very much.
    #8AuthorHappyWarrior (964133) 04 Sep 14, 11:27
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