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  • Source Language Term

    end to end adverb


    von Anfang bis Ende

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    The first leg was exciting end to end as both teams figured how to defend the other team, although Switzerland was finally able to score again.
    Authorwmw (386353) 07 Jan 15, 22:32
    I don't think so -- that would be 'from beginning to end.'

    If this is about soccer, it probably means from one end of the field to the other. That is, there were breakaways and long runs; it was a wide-open, fast-moving offensive game back and forth over the whole field.

    If it's some other context in which 'end' has a particular meaning, you should say so.


    I received a PM (to which I can't reply since the software change a month or so ago) suggesting that 'end to end' can in fact mean 'from beginning to end.'

    I wonder if perhaps that sense is a BE expression.

    Still, this particular sentence doesn't seem entirely clear -- unless BE uses some other word for the end of the field?
    #1Authorhm -- us (236141) 07 Jan 15, 23:17
    Context/ examples
    (adv.) from first to last
    Use of the (adv.) "throughout" for things that keep going from beginning to end.
    #2Authorwmw (386353) 08 Jan 15, 10:13
    Der Sinn von #2 bleibt leider unklar. Wenn Du etwas zum Thema beitragen möchtest, dann schreibe doch bitte in ganzen Sätzen, was Du ausdrücken möchtest.

    Das einzige, was ich entnehmen kann: Es geht um das Wort "throughout"? Wieso denn? Das Wort kommt bisher im Faden nicht vor.

    Nebenbei: Ich finde es unpraktisch, dass Du keine Quelle genannt hast.
    #3AuthorHarald (dede) [de] (370386) 08 Jan 15, 11:02
    Context/ examples
    throughout (adv.) = during the entire time or extent
    = from first to last = (adv.) end to end
    #4Authorwmw (386353) 08 Jan 15, 20:28
    The final period was end to end with both teams creating chances

    The balls just began flying from end to end as the period wound down

    The pace was very fast as both teams were cruising from end-to-end trying to find the first goal

    P.S. Ich hoffe, dass Doris auf diesen Faden stößt, um einmal zu sehen, wieviel Mehrarbeit eine derartige Fragestellung macht, wenn ein Link fehlt.

    Diese Beispiele zeigen m.E. deutlich, dass es - wie schon von hm-us in #1 vermutet- um die räumliche Ausdehnung geht.
    #2 und #4 führen nicht weiter.

    Leider hat wmw bis jetzt nicht einmal erwähnt, dass es um beach soccer geht ,geschweige denn einen Link gesetzt. -Meine Zitate beziehen sich alle auf beach soccer.
    #5Authorwienergriessler (925617) 08 Jan 15, 20:41
    @wmw #2 und #4:

    Leider verstehe ich immer noch nicht, was Du mit Deinen Kürzeln aussagen möchtest.
    Bitte sprich mit uns. Deutsch oder englisch, ganz egal.
    Aber bitte in ganzen Sätzen.
    #6AuthorHarald (dede) [de] (370386) 08 Jan 15, 21:13
    #2 & #4
    wmw, please indicate the source of your definitions, because neither Oxford nor Merriam-Webster define "end to end" in those ways.
    end to end
    In a row with the end of one object touching that of another:
    bales were laid end to end for a delivery
    If every Barbie doll ever manufactured were laid end to end, they would circle the earth three and a half times.
    If all the glass, wine and beer bottles were laid end to end, they would stretch from Ireland to Sri Lanka.
    Once he has reached that figure he will begin laying the coins end to end to try and form the longest line of pennies ever.
    end–to–end adjective
    1 : characterized by having the end of one object placed against the end of another an end-to-end position
    2 : effected by suturing one severed end (as of intestine) to the other
    3 : end-and-end
    [One has to subscribe to M-W's premium service to see that definition, or go to Google & search for "end-to-end" + Merriam-Webster & you will be able to pull it up.]

    EDIT: Click on the first link listed here:

    So give us a link to your sources, please.

    P.S. For everyone's benefit:
    Switzerland began the first period just as they wanted, by scoring early. The Swiss scored three early goals that gave them a significant lead, but England answered with a goal late on the period to bring the Three Lions within two goals. The first leg was exciting end to end as both teams figured how to defend the other team, although Switzerland was finally able to score again. The back and forth period ended with a score of 4-1, Switzerland.
    #7AuthorAgalinis (714472) 08 Jan 15, 21:58
    Context/ examples
    S: (adj) end-to-end (with the end of one object in contact lengthwise with the end of another object)

    S: (adv) throughout,
    end-to-end (from first to last) "the play was excellent end-to-end"
    Das scheint die Quelle zu sein, die wmw zitieren wollte - nicht das Adjektiv, das "aneinandergereiht" bedeutet, sondern das Adverb, das "von Anfang bis Ende" bedeutet.
    Nichtsdestotrotz unterstütze ich die Bitte nach dem Verlinken von Quellen, und was das Ganze mit Beach Soccer zu tun hat, erschließt sich mir auch nicht.
    #8Authorpenguin (236245) 08 Jan 15, 23:45
    Nachdem wmw nicht mehr selber im Faden teilnimmt, sind andere in die Bresche gesprungen.

    Ich persönlich neige allerdings zu der Ansicht, dass regelmäßige Teilnehmer mit vielen Anfragen in diesem Forum auch in dem Sinne Teilnehmer sein sollten, dass sie bei Bedarf mit dem Rest der Teilnehmerschaft kommunizieren.

    Was den Begriff "end to end" im Kontext "beach soccer" betrifft, so handelt es sich um eine Charakterisierung der Spieltechnik. Wie hm -- us schon in #1 vermutet hatte. Der Begriff bezeichnet Schüsse, die das gesamte Spielfeld überqueren.

    Die folgende Quelle gibt eine kleine Einführung in das Spiel und seine Eigenschaften.

    Daraus ein Abschnitt (Fettung von mir):

    One Time Strikes on Goal

    The game on sand requires quick strikes on goal end to end meaning you have a split second to have a go at goal. These small windows of opportunity to shoot develop great habits of hitting a ball first time.

    #9AuthorHarald (dede) [de] (370386) 09 Jan 15, 00:44
    Off Topic, private Mitteilung an wmw:

    Hallo wmw. Ich mag es nicht, über andere zu reden, lieber rede ich mit ihnen. Deshalb möchte ich Dich in einen Faden einladen, in dem ich über Dich geschrieben habe:

    related discussion: Tut mir leid, wmw Problematik... mal wieder - #37 (dort Beitrag #37)
    #10AuthorHarald (dede) [de] (370386) 09 Jan 15, 10:54
    Context/ examples
    adv from first to last
    “the play was excellent end-to-end”

    Synonyms: throughout

    “the play was excellent end-to-end”

    the play ... was it confined to beach soccer, or just soccer, or any other kind of sport?
    #11Authorwmw (386353) 09 Jan 15, 11:12
    Im Sport hätte man aber game gesagt und nicht 'play', das ist ohne jeglichen Kontext eher ein Theaterstück.
    #12Authorpenguin (236245) 09 Jan 15, 11:16
    The first leg was exciting end to end as both teams figured how to defend the other team, although Switzerland was finally able to score again.
    Dieser OT hat folgende Quelle:

    Und hier geht es um beach soccer und die dort verwendete Terminologie (#5,#7)
    #13Authorwienergriessler (925617) 09 Jan 15, 11:20
    Context/ examples
    I thought the game was excellent, end to end, and we got a great start and then fell away. We had spells when we were very good and spells when we were very poor.

    No matter whether "game" or "play" is being concerned:
    ..., end to end, ... = ?

    #14Authorwmw (386353) 09 Jan 15, 13:27
    I looked at the entire article that is the source of the citation.
    To begin with, it was written either by a non-native speaker or a native speaker that is a poor writer. There are just too many poorly constructed sentences and mistakes in there to view it otherwise. This influences how I look at word choice. If something seems a little "off" to me (such as "end to end" in this article), I look at it through that lens.

    Looking at the article, I'm pretty sure that "end to end" here is used in the temporal sense of "beginning to end" (i.e., "throughout" -- as is indicated in wmw's link in #11)) and not, as some have posited, in a spatial sense. Sure, "end to end" can have a spatial sense, and some have cited examples of that in beach soccer, but I'm sure you can find the use of "end to end" in a spatial sense in other sports and activities as well. It's not a terribly specialized phrase, after all.... Words and phrases sometimes do have multiple meanings, including those coming from a figurative use. That said, I wouldn't have used "end to end" in the article myself.

    #15Authorhbberlin (420040) 09 Jan 15, 14:12
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