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    Translation correct?

    spezifisch humane Werte - specifically human values

    Source Language Term

    spezifisch humane Werte adjective Brit.


    specifically human values

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Unbewusster Geist, das ist die Heimat der spezifisch humanen Werte, wie z.B. Mut, Freiheit, Liebe........

    Spiritual Unconscious is the home of specifically human values such as courage, freedom, love
    Danke für die Hilfe seitens der Experten
    Author sämling (375097) 05 Jan 16, 12:24
    I'll leave translating the German to someone else, but I'd like to comment on the English.

    Maybe this is a term of art that I'm not familiar with, but "Spiritual Unconscious" does not look right. Maybe if you add "The" spiritual unconscious? Or perhaps Spiritual unconsciousness?

    (In neither event do I have any idea what it refers to.)
    #1AuthorHappyWarrior (964133) 05 Jan 16, 12:45
    of course an article is required!!! thank you for that.
    But what I wanted to know was if the translation "specifically human values" for spezifisch humane Werte" was right.
    #2Authorsämling (375097) 05 Jan 16, 13:31
    T zu #1:
    the spiritual unconscious scheint tatsächlich der hier verwendete Begriff zu sein
    #3Authorwienergriessler (925617) 05 Jan 16, 14:09
    humane Werte geht, mein persönliches Sprachgefühl tendiert aber zu menschlichen Werten.
    #4AuthorMiss Take (399408) 05 Jan 16, 14:12
    XXX published many books and newspaper articles on psychological and spiritual issues, usually focussing on human values, meaning in life and on aspects of his ... Model of Logotherapy...
    constructive inner values are experienced, for example courage, hope, joy, inner strength, warmth, love, inner calmness, dignity and trust

    So wird es in der Dissertation, die in #3 zitiert ist, etwas freier wiedergegeben
    #5Authorwienergriessler (925617) 05 Jan 16, 14:25
    Unbewusster Geist = unconscious spirit
    Spiritual unconsciousness = geistiges Unbewusstsein

    #6Authordude (253248) 05 Jan 16, 15:01
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