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    Translation correct?

    Und so werden wir und unsere Produkte Stück für Stück immer ein bisschen besser. - And this is the w…

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    Und so werden wir und unsere Produkte Stück für Stück immer ein bisschen besser.


    And this is the way we and our products always get a little bit better.

    Author Siss (1091233) 25 Jan 16, 13:38
    And thus we and our products become/get better little by little.
    #1Authorwhynotme (913760) 25 Jan 16, 13:40
    And this his how..
    This way, our....

    vielleicht - der Satz würde sich vllt. auch anbieten, an den davor angehängt zu werden, aber dafür bräuchte man den natürlich.
    #2AuthorGibson (418762) 25 Jan 16, 14:27
    #2: Ich nehme mal das h aus 'his' raus...

    #1: das 'thus' nehmen English Native Speaker längst nicht so oft her.

    #0: 'always get a little bit better' - Das klingt für meine Ohren ein bisschen unbeholfen (in dem vermuteten Kontext).
    Gibt es etwas anderes - wie vielleicht: are steadily?/continuously improved
    #3AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 26 Jan 16, 20:59
    ... we and our products keep improving step by step.

    e.g.; sounds odd, though, IMO. Who says this?
    #4Authordude (253248) 26 Jan 16, 21:54
    #3: wer sagt das? Dass ENS nicht of thus benutzen?
    #5Authorwhynotme (913760) 27 Jan 16, 13:50
    I'm not Braunbärin, but "thus" and especially "and thus" doesn't really fit the OP's context, IMO. "thus" has a more literary quality than the OP would warrant, the way I see it.
    #6Authordude (253248) 27 Jan 16, 13:55
    I agree with Braunbärin and dude on the use of thus, but I have more of a problem with we and our products. This sounds very odd indeed, as dude said in #4.

    One way around this:
    make one the subject and add the other onto the end - in this way we keep improving one step at a time, along with our products / and so do our products.

    It's still not perfect, but it might be useful to know what so refers to in the OP.
    #7AuthorRrabbit (1029501) 27 Jan 16, 16:15
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