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    Wrong entry in LEO?

    dog's breakfast - Schlamassel

    Wrong entry

    dog's breakfast - Schlamassel


    dog's breakfast

    Brit. -


    dog's dinner

    Brit. -


    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Dictionary: schlamassel

    No word definition found

    Definition of dog's breakfast
    chiefly British: a confused mess or mixture

    a dog’s breakfast/dinner (British English,informal)
    a thing that has been done badly synonym: mess
    He's made a real dog's breakfast of these accounts.

    a dog's breakfast
    UK informal something or someone that looks extremely untidy, or something that is very badly done
    The only place I (AEler) had heard of dog's breakfast was here in LEO, and I thought it was 6-Gang. I've never heard it or seen it in AE, and agree with AHD, OALD and CALD that this phrase is BE. Merriam-Webster is off target with its "chiefly."
    AuthorAmy-MiMi (236989) 03 Dec 17, 18:08
    These days there's enough back and forth over the Atlantic, or the internet, that it's probably possible to find a person or two in the US who uses any BE phrase. But I agree that, in my experience, this one doesn't seem to have made the inroads that 'take a decision' or 'snarky' or several others have.

    I support adding the [Brit.] marking; thanks for the catch.
    #1Authorhm -- us (236141) 04 Dec 17, 05:16
    Context/ examples
    ich nehme an, für das "dog's dinner" gilt dasselbe?

    (aber ein dog's lunch gibt es dann doch nicht auch noch, immerhin... :-) )
    #2AuthorSpinatwachtel (341764) 04 Dec 17, 10:27
    Context/ examples
    make a dog’s breakfast of something
    British English informal
    to do something very badly

    a dog’s dinner
    British English informal
    something that is meant to be impressive or fashionable but that other people think is not
    She was dressed up like a dog’s dinner.

    a dog's dinner (or breakfast) phrase
    British informal
    A poor piece of work; a mess.
    Ich bin gerade mal die einsprachigen Wörterbücher durchgegangen. Kann es sein, dass ‘a mess’ hier nur im übertragenen Sinn gebraucht wird und folglich die Entsprechungen
    dog's dinner/breakfast -- die Unordnung nicht korrekt ist?
    Auch bei Durcheinander/heilloses Durcheinander bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob das tatsächlich passt. Was meint ihr?

    Für mich klingt hier am meisten der Aspekt Pfusch durch, wenn es mit ‘make’ verwendet wird (make a dog’s dinner/breakfast out of sth.)

    Und dann gibt es noch die Wendung: to be dressed up like a dog’s dinner, die nicht mit breakfast funktioniert, oder?

    #3AuthorDoris (LEO-Team) (33) 04 Dec 17, 10:41
    Re #3: Und dann gibt es noch die Wendung: to be dressed up like a dog’s dinner, die nicht mit breakfast funktioniert, oder?

    Good point!
    #4AuthorKinkyAfro (587241) 04 Dec 17, 19:18

    Dog's breakfast is not unknown in the US. Schlemassel is however a Yiddish word

    #5AuthorUrsuletulmare1 (1337543) 24 Mar 22, 02:35

    "Schlamassel" ist ein deutsches Wort, das (vermutlich über Rotwelsch) von jidd. "schlemasl, schlimasl" herstammt.

    #6AuthorMiMo (236780) 24 Mar 22, 04:09

    re #5 : gibt es (schriftliche) Belege für eine Verwendung im AE ?

    #7Authorno me bré (700807) 24 Mar 22, 10:22

    Ein "Schlamassel" ist eine vertrackte Situation. Das trifft die Bedeutung von "a confused mess or mixture" nicht. "Heilloses Durcheinander" ist schon richtig.

    #8AuthorRominara (1294573) 24 Mar 22, 11:02
    Context/ examples

    This case presents a dog’s breakfast of arguments and allegations concerning a

    commercial ground lease in Bethesda.

    Trumpcare — a dog’s breakfast of a bill: Our view

    House Republicans' vote likely to be studied for generations as an example of how not to legislate.

    The Editorial Board | USA TODAY


    When the s tate courts considered these cases , our precedents did not provide them with “clearly established” law , but instead a dog’s breakfast of divided, conflicting, and ever-changing analyses.

    The Premiere of Bill Simmons’ HBO Show Any Given Wednesday Was a Real Dog’s Breakfast (...)

    Through its first month, the Ringer has been excellent with exciting room to grow; through its first half-hour Any Given Wednesday is a real dog’s breakfast.

    Daily Press Briefing

    Sean McCormack, Spokesman

    Washington, DC

    February 9, 2007 (...)

    I just figured I'd kind of throw it all out there, dog's breakfast -- ...

    At the end of the legislative session, there's a need to reconcile both statutory language and new spending created by all the bills that were passed during the session, particularly those passed after the budget was set. It tends to be a "dog's breakfast" of unrelated items, changing topic from section to section.

    I use Instagram often, but I find it increasingly messy. It’s a dog’s breakfast of lots of different social features all sitting uncomfortably together


    #7: gibt es (schriftliche) Belege für eine Verwendung im AE ?

    Reichlich. Siehe Beispiele oben.

    Dennoch wird die Wendung wohl weiterhin als Britizismus betrachtet. Vgl. :

    "The Oxford English Dictionary‘s first citation for “dog’s breakfast,” from the Balleymena (Ireland) Observer, 1892, also provides a definition: “In a lump like a dog’s breakfast, said of a heterogeneous heap of things.” It is very much a Britishism, but more of a NOOB than I would have expected. It has appeared in the New York Times–attributed to or written by Americans–seven times since 2010 ..."

    #8: Ein "Schlamassel" ist eine vertrackte Situation. Das trifft die Bedeutung von "a confused mess or mixture" nicht.

    Stimme zu.

    "Heilloses Durcheinander" ist schon richtig.

    Diese dt. Entsprechung findet sich freilich nur für "dog's dinner".


    Dictionary: dog's breakfast

    Dictionary: dog's dinner

    #9AuthorBambam (48248)  24 Mar 22, 11:18
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