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    Translation correct?

    Ich werde es versuchen - I will try to

    Source Language Term

    Ich werde es versuchen


    I will try to

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    "You can come anytime." - "I will try to! Definitely!"
    Kann man "try to" sagen ohne das Verb "come", da es ja schon bekannt ist? Oder muss man in diesem Falle unbedingt "I will try it!" sagen?
    Author nina256 (165242) 27 Dec 17, 14:46
    Ich würde einfach "I'll try" sagen.

    AWWDI ;-)
    #1AuthorB.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 27 Dec 17, 15:01
    As #1 stated, I WILL TRY is sufficient, since you are in a conversation and responding to a question.

    Otherwise follow with the verb to avoid any confusion.

    "Are you coming?" "Yes, and I will try to bring (someone or something)."
    #2AuthorMein Fritz (862420) 27 Dec 17, 19:57
    Agreed, but if the question was: "Will you be coming (over the holiday)?", I would say: "I will try to".

    #3Authorjonnie ollie (874358) 27 Dec 17, 20:33
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