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    Translation correct?

    eine übermäßig verschmutzte Wohnung - a heavily soiled apartment

    Source Language Term

    eine übermäßig verschmutzte Wohnung


    a heavily soiled apartment

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    It's about terms and conditions for guests renting a holiday apartment. Here it says that extra fees will be charged in case the apartment is "übermäßig verschmutzt".


    soiled - is it the right term

    heavily messed up? Pls help

    Thank you

    Author sämling (375097) 05 Apr 19, 15:06

    I think we would actually say "if extra cleaning is required" or something like that.

    Definitely not "soiled."

    #1AuthorFriendly Giant (1266607) 05 Apr 19, 15:18

    Nappies can be soiled, or a reputation, or very dirty clothes but not an apartment.

    #2Authorpenguin (236245) 05 Apr 19, 15:41

    I'd beg to differ: apartments can certainly also be soiled.

    #3Authordude (253248) 05 Apr 19, 16:36

    I would still say "extra cleaning required" instead of accusing tenants of "soiling" the flat which, to me, conjures up images of excrement on the walls as well as vomit all over the kitchen floor.

    #4Authorpenguin (236245) 05 Apr 19, 18:02

    Of course, but that doesn't mean that apartments can't be soiled. That's all I wanted to point out. :-)

    #5Authordude (253248) 05 Apr 19, 18:15

    Ich finde #1 hier auch sehr passend, aber nur fürs Protokoll eine wörtlichere Übersetzung:

    unusually dirty würde man z.B. sagen für 'übermäßig verschmutzt'.

    #6AuthorGibson (418762) 05 Apr 19, 18:22

    Agree with #6 – another option might be 'there will be an additional cleaning charge if the flat is left excessively dirty'

    #7AuthorTDV_0 (1247686) 05 Apr 19, 19:39

    For the record, I also find "soiled" conjures up images of smeared excrement.

    Even though, also for the record, if I found a place in that condition I would _not_ say, "This apartment is/has been soiled." Language is a funny thing, eh?

    #8AuthorFriendly Giant (1266607) 05 Apr 19, 20:43

    'soiled' könnte im Deutschen 'eingeschmutzt' heißen.

    Aber wie gesagt - hier passt hier nicht.

    Den Satz von TDV_0 in #7 finde ich gut und elegant für diese Anfrage.

    #9AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 05 Apr 19, 20:55

    To me, "soiled" is mostly just the word used to say someone has defecated in their pants, especially if it's not a baby (who is basically expected to do so fairly regularly) when you don't want to use more explicit terms.

    Examples: "he soiled himself" or "he soiled his pants."

    I think #1 is fine, and #7 is OK, too.

    #10AuthorJanette B. (1227601) 05 Apr 19, 21:38
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