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    Translation correct?

    wie in Excel / Excel ähnlich - Excel-like

    Source Language Term

    wie in Excel / Excel ähnlich



    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Die Software hat eine Excel-ähnliche Funktionsweise


    Meine Kollegen hier verwenden immer den Ausdruck Excel-like, ist das korrekt auf Englisch? Ich konnte dazu nichts finden.

    Authoralva (682687) 04 Dec 19, 08:08
    Context/ examples

    Google Docs Spreadsheet is Google’s own version of an Excel-like spreadsheet application

    Google Docs Spreadsheet looks pretty similar to Excel but as you’ll notice, it actually operates inside your web browser. It has much of the same functionality...

    In terms of functionality, OpenOffice is very similar to Microsoft Excel

    It looks similar to Excel’s layout and has pretty much the same features

    Just like Excel has a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Google Apps Script allows additional programming based on Javascript

    Scoro KPI dashboard software is like Excel on steroids

    It’s not quite the formal Excel functionality

    MS Excel Web App is similar to Google Spreadsheet

    that has all the basic Excel features

    Another cloud-based free Excel alternative that empowers your productivity and enables working in an Excel-like environment creating new spreadsheets and editing documents written in other spreadsheet applications.

    It offers functionality that legacy Excel users are familiar with


    Are your colleagues native speakers of English? It wouldn't be my first choice (I'd probably say something simpler like it's like Excel/it's similar to Excel/it works in the same way as Excel) but I certainly wouldn't consider it wrong, and if you google 'Excel-like' you'll find plenty of examples.

    However, it's worth noting a lot of these articles come from journalists looking for lots of different ways of saying the same thing (namely "it's like Excel") over and over again - such as in articles on '11 User-Friendly Excel Alternatives'. So 'Excel-lite' is perhaps not the most natural way of saying "like Excel", but again, it's a perfectly viable creative alternative.

    #1Authorpapousek (343122) 04 Dec 19, 11:50

    Ich finde auch einiges an Beispielen :

    New Excel-like Features in Spread's .NET Spreadsheet | Spread › blogs › new-excel-like-features-spread-net-12

    Dec 5, 2018 - Spread.NET 12 includes a wide variety of enhancements that improve performance, upgrading experience, and Excel-like features.

    Excel-like editor in WordPress - wpDataTables - Tables and ... › documentation › front-end-editing › excel-like-...

    An Excel-like spreadsheet editing interface is available both for back-end and front-end editing, and for displaying tables to your site users: popular packages ...

    #2Authorno me bré (700807) 04 Dec 19, 12:31

    Wo genau soll das Wort denn verwendet werden?

    Die Konstruktion "xxx-like" ist durchaus üblich und funktioniert auch hier, allerdings würde ich sie eher als umgangssprachlich einstufen. D.h. für Gespräche, interne Memos oder die hier im Thread erwähnten Blogs/Artikel ist "Excel-like" völlig ok, ich würde es aber nicht auf offiziellen Firmenseiten, Broschüren o.ä. verwenden. (Außer die NES hier sehen das anders?)

    #3Authorsteph-07 (837622) 04 Dec 19, 14:06

    Vielen Dank! Irgendwas habe ich wohl beim Googeln falsch gemacht :-(

    #4Authoralva (682687) 05 Dec 19, 07:39

    OT: Weiß jemand, ob so eine Formulierung unbedenklich ist, oder ob man markenrechtliche Probleme mit Microsoft befürchten muss?

    #5AuthorMr Chekov (DE) (522758) 05 Dec 19, 10:50

    Excel-like is absolutely fine from a language PoV. Legally, well, IANAL :-)

    #6Authoramw (532814)  05 Dec 19, 10:57

    I don't know if Microsoft would say that using the name of their program would be a problem, but if you want to avoid it, you could write something like "The software functions similarly to standard spreadsheet programs."

    #7Authorhbberlin (420040) 05 Dec 19, 12:23
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