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    Wrong entry in LEO?

    love act, sex act - Liebesakt

    Wrong entry

    love act, sex act - Liebesakt

    Examples/ definitions with source references



    Synonyme zu Liebesakt

    Akt, Geschlechtsverkehr, Koitus


    Mit Liebesakt wird im Deutschen eigentlich nur der Geschlechtsverkehr bezeichnet. So im Duden, s. o., und auch bei LEO, wo bei der Übersetzung von to make love (to s.o.) bei den deutschen Entsprechungen jmd. lieben und sich lieben als notwendige Erklärung "als Liebesakt" hinzugefügt wird. Also nicht "ein Akt der Liebe", sondern eben Sex.

    Die englische Seite kommt mir aber komisch vor. Im Macmillan und Merriam-Webster finde ich das nicht.

    PONS übersetzt Liebesakt mit act of love, Langenscheidt mit act of love und sexual act.

    Das Wyhlidal-Medizin-Fachwörterbuch hat acht Einträge: act of love, sexual act, sex act, sexual intercourse, intercourse, coitus, coition, cohabitation.

    Author Mattes (236368)  28 Jul 20, 13:45
    Context/ examples

    1.1the sex act

    The act of sexual intercourse.

    sex act

    sexual union involving penetration of the vagina by the penis

    • the infection can be communicated through the sex act

    I'd add the "the" to make it clearer.


    An act of love would be something that you do (an act you perform) to express your love, e.g. giving someone flowers, sitting by their hospital bed for hours, or even something darker:

    "AN Oldham-born centenarian - who told a court that he had killed his wife as an "act of love" when he was 99 years of age..."

    It's not making love.

    #1AuthorCM2DD (236324)  28 Jul 20, 15:21

    Und „love act“? Gibt es das überhaupt?

    #2AuthorJanZ (805098) 28 Jul 20, 17:49

    Und „love act“? Gibt es das überhaupt?

    Uhh, no. Not really. Not that I've ever heard of.

    "(The) sex act" is the formal, biological, technical or pyschological term in use.

    I agree with #1 about "act of love". You have to invert it (ie. "love act") and use "of" for it to be idiomatic and then it's not about sex.

    #3Authorwupper (354075) 29 Jul 20, 01:04
    I agree that 'love act' is not idiomatic, and that an act of love is usually a demonstration of affection, not sexual intercourse.

    I could probably vote for something like 'the sexual act' or 'the act of intercourse / sex.'

    'Sex acts' on the other hand, or 'a sex act,' sounds like it could mean any of several types of sexual contact, not necessarily only intercourse. (And 'sex act' could also be an X-rated type of performance, like at a club.)

    They all start to sound a bit strange devoid of any context.
    #4Authorhm -- us (236141)  29 Jul 20, 02:27
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