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    immune evasion - die Immunevasion

    New entry

    immune evasion biol. - die Immunevasion

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Immune evasion plays a pivotal role in the progression of cervical carcinogenesis and is influenced by both HPV- and host-dependent immunological features.

    However, the prominence of herd immunity being touted as a solution to the pandemic might be about to change with the emergence of immune evasion, a virological game changer that is as important as the arrival of SARS-CoV-2 variants.

    On the one hand, the host has developed an immune system able to attack viruses and virally infected cells, whereas on the other hand, viruses have developed an array of immune evasion mechanisms to escape killing by the host's immune system.

    Als Immunevasion (von lateinisch evadere „entkommen, entrinnen“, englisch immune evasion oder immune escape) bezeichnet man einen Vorgang, bei dem Pathogene mithilfe von Mutation oder spezifischen Mechanismen einer Erkennung oder Abwehr durch das Immunsystem entgehen.

    Regulatorische T-Zellen als potentielles Target zur Überwindung der Immunevasion bei Endometriumkarzinomen

    Diese tumor-induzierten sogenannten Immunevasionsmechanismen sind mit verantwortlich für die oft ungenügende Wirksamkeit von Tumortherapie. Ein besseres Verständnis dieser immunsupprimierenden Prozesse ist grundlegend für die Entwicklung von Therapiestrategien, welche die Immunevasion verhindern sollen, um so das gesamte Potential immunvermittelter Krebstherapie entfalten zu können.
    Escape-Mutation/Fluchtmutation/Fluchtvariante habe ich auch noch nicht im Wörterbuch gefunden.
    Author jenshh (1193781) 13 Apr 21, 09:26

    antigenic escape

    biol. -

    die Immunevasion

    immune escape

    biol. -

    die Immunevasion

    Context/ examples

    Antigenic escape (alternatively called immune escape or immune evasion) occurs when the immune system of a human being ("host") is unable to respond to an infectious agent, or in other words that the host's immune system is no longer able to recognize and eliminate a virus or pathogen.
    Ich suche noch nach Belegen.
    #1Authorjenshh (1193781) 13 Apr 21, 09:36

    Zur Unterstützung :

     ... Immunevasion

       Femininum, Singular

       Englisch: immune evasion

       Begriffsherkunft: Ex-, lat vadere gehen

    Strategie von Mikroorganismen, der Immunabwehr zu entgehen. Hierzu zählen z. B. Antigenvariation (antigene Phasen, Antigendrift, Antigenshift), Inaktivierung immunologischer Effektoren (z. B. IgA1-Proteasen, Infektion immunkompetenter Zellen), Maskierung mit wirtseigenen Antigenen und Blockade der Antigenpräsentation. ...

    #2Authorno me bré (700807)  13 Apr 21, 10:31
    Context/ examples

    We hypothesize that polymorphic sites located within inhibitory epitopes function as antigenic escape residues (AER). By using an in vitro model of antigenic escape, the inhibitory contribution of 24 polymorphic sites of the 3D7 AMA-1 vaccine was determined.

    Little is known about the structural basis by which HCV may evade immune responses, although mechanisms involving cytokine shifts and antigenic escape have both been postulated

    By contrast, pathogens that spread more readily among older individuals gain more by antigenic escape, so natural selection weights more heavily antigenic mutability.

    But now, they're also focusing on a potential new threat: variants that could do an end run around the human immune response. Such “immune escapes” could mean more people who have had COVID-19 remain susceptible to reinfection, and that proven vaccines may, at some point, need an update.

    Immune escape (aka viral escape and antigen escape) is the ability of a virus to elude an individual’s immune response.  In the context of new SARS-CoV-2 strains, the term has come to prominence as scientists examine whether the new strains exhibit immune escape in terms of vaccine resistance.
    #3Authorjenshh (1193781) 13 Apr 21, 10:33
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