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    callow nackt

    callow unausgegoren  

    callow kahl       

    callow ungefiedert       

    callow unreif [fig.]         

    callow unerfahren [fig.]


    Definition of callow

     : lacking adult sophistication : immature callow youth callow newcomers




    (of a young person) inexperienced and immature.


    callow in British English


    1. lacking experience of life; immature

    2.  rare(of a young bird) unfledged and usually lacking feathers


    Ich habe bei MW, OD, AHD, macmillan und Collins nachgeschaut, aber nur Collins hat, neben immature, auch einen Eintrag in Richtung 'ungefiederter Jungvogel' (BE-rare).

    Wäre da eine Übersetzug mit nackt oder kahl nicht etwas zu weit ausholend?

    VerfasserAMS (247184) 12 Aug. 21, 13:55
    AMS's questions seem entirely justified to me.

    I had no idea that there was a rare ornithological meaning related to not yet having feathers. I wonder if any modern ornithologists even still use it.

    Surely the entries with 'nackt,' 'kahl,' and 'ungefiedert' all need to be either deleted or marked [rare] [ornithol.], or perhaps better, archaic / obsolete (I never can remember what the difference is).

    Deletion would actually get my vote.
    #1Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 12 Aug. 21, 15:18

    Der Ausdruck könnte etwas in die Jahre gekommen sein, auch in der Ornithologie :


     ... Here it may be rernarked, that though nature permits the young Cuckoo to rnake this great waste. yet the animals thus destroyed are not thrown away or rendered use›less. At the season when this happens, great numbers of tender quadrupeds and reptiles are seeking provision; if they find the callow nestlings which have fallen victims to the young Cockoo, the are furnished with food well adapted to their peculiar state. ...

    Economic Status of the English Sparrow in the United States


    Edwin Richard Kalmbach · 1940 · ‎Agriculture

    Food items that are nourishing and attractive to the bird as a callow nestling are found to decrease in the diet as the bird becomes more robust , and those ...

    #2Verfasserno me bré (700807) 12 Aug. 21, 21:33
    Kontext/ Beispiele

    Synonyms & Antonyms for callow



    The Connection Between Callow and Baldness

    You might not expect a relationship between the word callow and baldness, but that connection does in fact exist. Callow comes from calu, a word that meant "bald" in Middle English and Old English. By the 17th century, callow had come to mean "without feathers" and was applied to young birds not yet ready for flight. The term was also used for those who hadn't yet spread their wings in a figurative sense. Callow continues to mean "inexperienced" or "unsophisticated" today.

    Auch bei OED findet sich einiges dazu:



    2. Of birds: Unfledged, without feathers.

    1603 Holland Plutarch's Mor. 63 Yoong callow birds which are not yet fethered and fledg'd. 1728 Thomson Spring 667 The callow young‥Their brittle bondage break. 1801 Southey Thalaba v. iii. Poems IV. 180 Her young in the refreshing bath, Dipt down their callow heads. 1822 Hazlitt Table-t. II. xiv. 329 The callow brood are fledged.

    b. Applied to the down of unfledged birds; and so, to the down on a youth's cheek and chin.

    1604 Drayton Owle 245 His soft and callow downe. 1697 Dryden Virg. Past. viii. 57 The callow Down began to cloath my Chin. 1735 Somerville Chase ii. 457 Prove‥their Valour's Growth Mature, e'er yet the callow Down has spread Its curling Shade.




    Wenn man bei MW weiterliest, steht da aber noch mehr, ebenso bei OED (s.o.).

    #3VerfasserNirak (264416)  13 Aug. 21, 10:23
    Thanks for the etymological information, and the connection to (I assume) Lat. calvus.

    But if most of the English examples are from before 1822 ...
    #4Verfasserhm -- us (236141)  13 Aug. 21, 12:05
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