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    broad-tipped hermit (Anopetia gounellei) - ermite de Gounelle, m (Anopetia gounellei)

    New entry

    broad-tipped hermit (Anopetia gounellei) ornith. - ermite de Gounelle, m (Anopetia gounellei)


     ... Taxonomy in detail

    Scientific name   Anopetia gounellei

    Authority      (Boucard, 1891)


    Phaethornis gounellei Sibley and Monroe (1990, 1993)

    Phaethornis gounellei Stotz et al. (1996)

    Phaethornis gounellei BirdLife International (2004)

    Common names

    English      Broad-tipped Hermit

    Taxonomic sources   SACC. 2005 and updates. A classification of the bird species of South America. Available at: #http :// ...

     The Broad-tipped Hermits (Anopetia gounellei) - also known as Gounelle's Hermits or Long-tailed Barbthroats - are South American hermits (hummingbirds) that are only found in the hilly interior of northeast Brazil from Piauí to Bahia; where they inhabit caatinga woodland and semi-deciduous forest between 1,600 - 2,300 ft (~ 500 - 700 m) above sea level.

    Its populations are highly localized and they are generally uncommon.

     ...    The Broad-tipped Hermit is a stocky hermit with a short-wedge-shaped tail. The upper plumage is bronzy-green. The plumage below is brownish. Its tail feathers are white-tipped.

       This species has been named after its broad upper bill. The bill is long with a slight downward curve....

     ... ABSTRACT

    New technologies and the rapid amount of data help to improve and update the distribution of the species. Anopetia gounellei (Broad-tipped Hermit, Trochilidae) is a poorly known hummingbird and has been recorded outside its formal range since 2009. Here we reviewed the records of the Broad-tipped Hermit, proposing new range limits and discussing the species ecoregional endemism. The species was recorded in a variety of vegetation, including caatinga and humid forest. Our updated range-limit suggest an increase of 80% from the previous range, exceeding the Caatinga limits, calling into question the endemism of the species to this biome, but confirming a close relationship with dry ecoregions in Brazil. ...

     Broad-tipped Hermit (Anopetia gounellei)

    (aka Phaethornis gounellei

    The Broad-tipped Hermit is a Brazilian endemic found in north-east Brazil from Piauí to Bahia.

    It inhabits caatinga woodland and semi-deciduous forest between 500 m and 700 m above sea level.

    The "broad tips" are the white tips to the tail feathers. Upperparts are bronzy-green while underparts are brownish. The bill is decurved. ...

     The broad-tipped hermit (Anopetia gounellei) is a species of hummingbird found in northeast Brazil that has been placed in a monotypic genus Anopetia. It has a large range and is not endangered.

    There is a consideration that A. gounellei can be the effective pollinator of plants. To explore the climate and altitude conditions that A. gounellei can endure, detailed studies, such as niche modeling and natural history, are still needed.[2] ...

     L'Ermite de Gounelle (Anopetia gounellei) est une espèce de colibris (famille des Trochilidae). C'est une espèce monotypique et la seule du genre Anopetia.


    Cet oiseau vit dans la caatinga au Brésil.

     ... Classification (COI)

    Règne   Animalia

    Embranchement   Chordata

    Sous-embr.   Vertebrata

    Classe   Aves

    Ordre   Apodiformes

    Famille   Trochilidae

    Genre   Anopetia   Simon, 1918 ...

     Ermite de Gounelle

    Anopetia gounellei - Broad-tipped Hermit

     Description identification

    Ermite de Gounelle (Anopetia gounellei) est un oiseau qui appartient à la famille des Trochilidés.

     ... Habitat

    Forêt : sèche ; Savane : sèche ; Maquis : humide

     ... Descripteur   Boucard, 1891

    Biométrie      Taille   : 12 cm ...

     Ermite de Gounelle

    Apodiformes > Trochilidae > Anopetia gounellei*      (Boucard, 1891)

    Broad-tipped Hermit (en) ;Caatingaschattenkolibri (de) ;Eremita codamacchiata (it) ;Ermitaño coliancho (es)

    Note : préc. Phaethornis gounellei.

    long : 11 - 12,6 cm | poids : 2,6 - 3,4 g

    Description : Plumage vert bronze dessus, dessous brun, extrémité des rectrices largement blanche, bec recourbé.

    Chants : Le chant est une série de notes bisyllabiques, ascendante puis descendante, si-liou, répétée de façon continue.

    Répartition : Plaines de l'est du Brésil (Piauí, Ceará et Bahia).

    Habitat : Forêt tropicale et subtropicale sèche ; savane sèche ; zones arbustives tropicales ou subtropicales humides.

    Alimentation : Nectar, dont fleurs d'Acanthaceae d'une espèce arborée de Capparis, et arthropodes. ...

     Trochilidae (colibris)

    Nombre de genres : 103

    Nombre d’espèces : 350 ...

     ... Genre Threnetes – 3 espèces

    Ermite de Rucker Threnetes ruckeri

    Ermite à queue blanche Threnetes leucurus

    Ermite d’Antonia Threnetes niger

    Genre Anopetia – 1 espèce

    Ermite de Gounelle Anopetia gounellei

    Genre Phaethornis – 27 espèces

    Ermite d’Osery Phaethornis hispidus ...


     Taxon : Anopetia gounellei (Animalia)

     ... Classe : Aves

    Ordre : Apodiformes

    Famille : Trochilidae

    Genre : Anopetia

    Nom FR : Ermite de Gounelle

    Nom EN : Broad-tipped Hermit

    Nom ES : Ermitaño coliancho ...

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