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    straight-billed hermit (Phaethornis bourcieri) - ermite de Bourcier, m (Phaethornis bourcieri)

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    straight-billed hermit (Phaethornis bourcieri) ornith. - ermite de Bourcier, m (Phaethornis bourcieri)


     ... Taxonomy in detail

    Scientific name   Phaethornis bourcieri

    Authority      (Lesson, 1832)

    Synonyms      Phaethornis bourcieri (Lesson, 1832) pro parte

    Common names

    English      Straight-billed Hermit

    Taxonomic sources   Handbook of the Birds of the World and BirdLife International. 2019. Handbook of the Birds of the World and BirdLife International digital checklist of the birds of the world. Version 4. Available at: http :// ...

     Straight-billed Hermit (Phaethornis bourcieri)

    Order: Apodiformes | Family: Trochilidae | IUCN Status: Least Concern

     ... Identification & Behavior: ~13.5 cm (5.3 in). The Straight-billed Hermit is mainly dull greenish above with a scaled rump with greenish and brown. It has a poorly defined dusky mask through the eye, bordered above and below with whitish-buff stripe. The stripe above is short and poorly defined. The underparts are grayish. The bill is straight, with a red lower mandible. The tail is dusky with broad whitish tips on each feather, except for the central pair, which is longer and tipped white. It is similar to the Needle-billed Hermit but is distinguished by having grayish underparts. ...

     ... The Straight-billed Hermit (Phaethornis bourcieri) is a South American hummingbird that occurs naturally in the Guyanas, Suriname, and French Guiana; northern Amazon Basin of Brazil; Amazonian Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; and eastern Venezuela and the Orinoco River Basin.

    They inhabit the understorey of lowland terra firme rainforest; as well as the dense areas of adjacent semi-deciduous or pre-montane forest; To a lesser extent, they can be found along the forest edge, in bamboo thickets, varzéa fores, second growth or plantations and lowlands up to ~ 5,000 feet (1,600m).

    It is also known as Ermitaño Piquirrecto (Spanish), Ermite de Bourcier (French) and Braunbauch-Schattenkolibri (German). ...

      LC         Straight-billed Hermit Phaethornis bourcieri

     ... Ecology   The species usually inhabits lowland terra firma rainforest and semi-deciduous or pre-montane forest (up to 1600m), occasionally also forest edge, bamboo thickets, dense shrubbery, várzea forest, second growth or plantations (Hinkelmann et al. 2019).

    Identification   A medium-sized hermit, of 12-14cm and 3.5-5g. Olive-green upperparts, brownish to greyish underparts. Distinctive straight bill, dark brown on top, more orange below (Hinkelmann et al. 2019). ...

     The straight-billed hermit (Phaethornis bourcieri) is a species of bird in the family Trochilidae, the hummingbirds.

    It is found in the Guyanas of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana; also the northern Amazon basin of Brazil, and Amazonian Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru; it is in eastern Venezuela and the Orinoco River Basin. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest and subtropical or tropical moist montane forest.

    Two subspecies are currently recognised: P. b. bourcieri and P. b. major. However, recent molecular analysis has shown that P. b. major is more closely related to Phaethornis philippii and Phaethornis koepckeae than populations grouped under the bourcieri nominate, suggesting it should be treated as a separate species.[2] ...

     L’Ermite de Bourcier (Phaethornis bourcieri) est une espèce d'oiseaux de la famille des Trochilidae ou oiseaux-mouches. Il a été décrit par René Primevère Lesson (1794-1849) en 1832 et son nom célèbre l'ornithologue français Jules Bourcier (1797-1873).

     Répartition et habitat

    Cet oiseau vit au Guyana, au Suriname et en Guyane française ainsi que dans le nord du bassin amazonien (Amazonie colombienne, équatorienne et péruvienne), l'est du Venezuela et le bassin du fleuve Orénoque.


    Son habitat naturel est constitué par les forêts humides subtropicales ou tropicales de plaines ou de moyennes montagnes. ...

     Ermite de Bourcier

    Phaethornis bourcieri - Straight-billed Hermit

    Description identification

    Ermite de Bourcier (Phaethornis bourcieri) est un oiseau qui appartient à la famille des Trochilidés.

     ... Habitat

    Forêt : humide de plaine, varzea, montagneuse humide ; Maquis : humide ; Zones artificielles terrestres : plantations

     ...  Descripteur   Lesson, R, 1832

    Biométrie      Taille    : 14 cm ...

     Ermite de Bourcier

    Apodiformes > Trochilidae > Phaethornis bourcieri*    (Lesson, 1832)

    Straight-billed Hermit (en) ;Geradschnabeleremit (de) ;Eremita beccodritto (it) ;Ermitaño piquirrecto (es)

    Note : aussi Braunbauch-Schattenkolibri (de).

     ... Habitat : Forêt tropicale et subtropicale humide de plaine, de montagne, ou marécageuse ; zones de plantations ; zones arbustives tropicales ou subtropicales humides.

     ... Région : Amérique ( 8 pays afficher/cacher )

    Statut :   Non-critique, population stable : ...

     Trochilidae (colibris)

    Nombre de genres : 103

    Nombre d’espèces : 350 ...

     ... Genre Phaethornis – 27 espèces

     ... Ermite à long bec Phaethornis malaris

    Ermite à brins blancs Phaethornis superciliosus

    Ermite de Bourcier Phaethornis bourcieri

    Ermite de Koepcke Phaethornis koepckeae

    Ermite de De Filippi Phaethornis philippii

    Ermite ocré Phaethornis subochraceus ...


     Taxon : Phaethornis bourcieri (Animalia)

    Id_WCMC : 8963

    Classe : Aves

    Ordre : Apodiformes

    Famille : Trochilidae

    Genre : Phaethornis

    Nom FR : Ermite de Bourcier

    Nom EN : Straight-billed Hermit

    Nom ES : Ermitaño de picorrecto; Ermitaño piquirrecto ...

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