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    Translation correct?

    der Glücksgriff -- Das war ein echter Glücksgriff - stroke of luck/fortune -- I really struck it lucky

    Source Language Term

    der Glücksgriff -- Das war ein echter Glücksgriff


    stroke of luck/fortune -- I really struck it lucky

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Person, Sache, Entscheidung o. Ä., die sich im Nachhinein als äußerst günstig, vorteilhaft erweist


    • der neue Mitarbeiter ist ein echter Glücksgriff

    a stroke of luck

    something good that happens to you by chance:

    He had exactly the part that I needed so that was a stroke of luck.

    stroke of luck/fortune

    something lucky that happens to you unexpectedly

    • That, it turned out, was a stroke of luck.

    True enough, you married him, and what a happy stroke of fortune for the candidate.

    strike it lucky

    British English to be very lucky, especially when you were not expecting to  

    We struck it lucky in Bangkok, where we were told there were some extra seats on the plane that night.


    What do you reckon, is this the closest equivalent in English or can anyone think of something that has more of the "greifen" element; that you chose the person/thing or made the decision without knowing how good it would be?

    Author CM2DD (236324) 15 Dec 21, 15:32
    Since a few hours have gone by and no one has yet had a better idea, maybe we can at least say yes, that seems like a pretty good idea. (-:
    #1Authorhm -- us (236141) 16 Dec 21, 08:05

    Or maybe even "strike gold" - we really struck gold when we hired Mary?

    I'm sure there's something closer, though!

    #2AuthorCM2DD (236324) 16 Dec 21, 10:21

    Could rephrase it, e.g.:

    der neue Mitarbeiter ist ein echter Glücksgriff - Appointing Fred turned out to be a stroke of genius.

    (You may need "turned out to be" or such like to clarify that no one realised it was a masterstroke at the time).

    #3Authorcaptain flint (782544)  16 Dec 21, 10:26

    a lucky choice ?

    #4Authorno me bré (700807) 16 Dec 21, 10:30

    Nice ideas, thanks!

    #5AuthorCM2DD (236324) 16 Dec 21, 11:12
    Context/ examples

    "to complete an activity successfully or to produce a good result, especially when you were not expected to:

    John's uncle came up trumps, finding us a place to stay at the last minute.


    Could this work?

    We really came up trumps when we hired Jane?

    Hmm... not sure

    hit the jackpot ?

    #6AuthorSpinatwachtel (341764)  16 Dec 21, 11:59
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