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    Esmeraldas woodstar (Chaetocercus berlepschi syn. Acestrura berlepschi) - colibri de Berlepsch,…

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    Esmeraldas woodstar (Chaetocercus berlepschi syn. Acestrura berlepschi) ornith. - colibri de Berlepsch, m (Chaetocercus berlepschi syn. Acestrura berlepschi)


     ... Taxonomy in detail

    Scientific name   Chaetocercus berlepschi

    Authority      Simon, 1889


    Acestrura berlepschi (Simon, 1889) — Collar and Andrew (1988)

    Acestrura berlepschi (Simon, 1889) — Sibley and Monroe (1990, 1993)

    Acestrura berlepschi (Simon, 1889) — BirdLife International (2000)

    Acestrura berlepschi (Simon, 1889) — Collar et al. (1994)

    Acestrura berlepschi (Simon, 1889) — Stotz et al. (1996)

    Acestrura berlepschi (Simon, 1889) — BirdLife International (2004)

    Common names

    English      Esmeraldas Woodstar

    Spanish; Castilian   Colibrí de Esmeraldas, Estrellita Esmeraldeña

    Taxonomic sources   SACC. 2005 and updates. A classification of the bird species of South America. Available at: #http ://

    del Hoyo, J., Collar, N.J., Christie, D.A., Elliott, A. and Fishpool, L.D.C. 2014. HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Volume 1: Non-passerines. Lynx Edicions BirdLife International, Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge, UK. ...

     ... The Esmeraldas Woodstar (Chaetocercus berlepschi) is a poorly known and endangered hummingbird endemic to lowland and foothill moist forest in coastal western Ecuador. We encountered 11 new localities, observed two copulations, and found 26 nests of the species from October 2007 to April 2008. We observed the generally accepted descriptions of the female must have come from mis-labeled specimens of juvenile males and were incorrect. We collected the first three confirmed females of the species and describe their characteristics. The correct identification of female C. berlepschi and recognition of the species' breeding habitat should facilitate more effective conservation of the species. ...

     ESMERALDAS WOODSTAR Acestrura berlepschi

    This rare hummingbird apparently occurs primarily in lowland evergreen moist forest in a small area of western Ecuador, this being one of the most threatened forest types in the Neotropics.

    DISTRIBUTION The Esmeraldas Woodstar is known from 12 specimens (in AMNH, ANSP and MNHN), three of which are of uncertain origin (see Remarks), the other nine having been taken at three localities in western Ecuador. The localities, with coordinates from Paynter and Traylor (1977), are as follows: (Esmeraldas) Esmeraldas (0°59’N 79°42’W), where three males and three females (in AMNH) were collected from October to December 1912 (also Chapman 1926); ( Manabí) Chone (0°41’S 80°06’W), where two males (in AMNH) were taken at 20 m in December 1912 ...

     ... ESMERALDAS WOODSTAR } Chaetocercus berlepschi

    FAMILY: Trochilidae

    DESCRIPTION: The Esmeraldas woodstar is a tiny hummingbird, measuring 2.5 inches in length. Both sexes have a prominent violet, green, and white plumage with a straight black bill. The male has a narrow breast-band, whereas the female has a gleaming white underbody.

    HABITAT: Esmeraldas woodstar is a range-restricted, forest-dwelling species with highly localized populations. The species' prefers primary forest and is usually found in lowland semi-evergreen forests. The bird has occasionally been observed in secondary-growth semi-humid habitat during the breeding season. Very little suitable woodstar habitat remains, and the species' distribution is extremely fragmented. ...

     Chaetocercus berlepschi Simon, 1889

     ...  Taxonomy and Nomenclature           

        Kingdom:   Animalia   

        Taxonomic Rank:   Species   

        Synonym(s):   Acestrura berlepschi (Simon, 1889)

        Common Name(s):   Esmeraldas Woodstar [English]       

        Taxonomic Status:       Current Standing:   valid          

        Data Quality Indicators:   Record Credibility Rating:   verified - standards met ...

     The Esmeraldas woodstar (Chaetocercus berlepschi) is a rare, neotropical species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.[3] There are six different species in the woodstar genus.[4] Most of them are poorly studied due to their small size, extremely similar resemblance to each other, and rarity. Esmeraldas woodstars are one of the smallest bird species. They are sexually dimorphic. The main difference between sexes is that males have a bright purple throat. Esmeraldas woodstars are found only on the Pacific coast of west Ecuador in semi-deciduous to evergreen forests.[4] They feed on the nectar of flowering shrubs and trees.[4] The main threat to this species is deforestation.[4] Esmeraldas woodstars are Vulnerable and require habitat protection.[3]

     ... Synonyms

    Acestrura berlepschi (Simon, 1889) ...

     Le Colibri de Berlepsch (Chaetocercus berlepschi Simon, 1889) est une espèce d'oiseaux appartenant à la famille des Trochilidae. Cette espèce est endémique de l'Équateur.

    Le nom de cette espèce commémore Hans von Berlepsch (1850-1915).

     ... Classification (COI)

     ... Classe   Aves

    Ordre   Apodiformes

    Famille   Trochilidae

    Genre   Chaetocercus

    Espèce   Chaetocercus berlepschi   Simon, 1889 ...

     Colibri de Berlepsch

    Chaetocercus berlepschi - Esmeraldas Woodstar

     ... Description identification

    Colibri de Berlepsch (Chaetocercus berlepschi) est un oiseau qui appartient à la famille des Trochilidés.

     ... Habitat

    Forêt : humide de plaine ; Zones artificielles terrestres : ancienne forêt

     ... Descripteur   Simon, 1889

    Biométrie      Taille      : 7 cm ...

     colibri de Berlepsch

    Domaine      zoologie > ornithologie

    Auteur      Commission internationale des noms français des oiseaux, 1993

    Note   Ordre : Apodiformes; famille : Trochilidae. 

    Terme   colibri de Berlepsch  n. m.

     ... Latin

    Auteur   Commission internationale des noms français des oiseaux, 1993

    Terme   Acestrura berlepschi  ..

     Colibri de Berlepsch

    Apodiformes > Trochilidae > Acestrura berlepschi*         (Simon, 1889)

    Esmeraldas Woodstar (en) ;Berlepschelfe (de) ;Silvistella di Esmeraldas (it) ;Colibrí de Esmeraldas (es)

    Note : aussi Esmeraldaselfe (de).

    long : 6 - 7 cm

    Description : Mâle : vert cuivré dessus, bande sur la poitrine, et les flancs ; violet irisé sur la gorge ; gris blanc sur la poitrine.

    Femelle : vert cuivré dessus ; blanc dessous chamois sur la gorge ; fauve sur la queue avec extrémité blanche et barre subterminale noire.

    Bec noir droit, queue fourchue.

    Chants : Cri lors du nourrissage et vol surplace, une répétition d'une note unique et liquide tsit.

    Répartition : Plaines de l'ouest de l'Équateur (Esmeraldas, Manabí et Guayas).

    Habitat : Forêt tropicale et subtropicale humide de plaine ; zones de forêts tropicales et subtropicales fortement dégradées.

      ... Chaetocercus berlepschi | Colibri de Berlepsch ...


     ... Part 1

    CITES species index

    Compiled for the CITES Secretariat by the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre...

     ... Acestrura berlepschi = Chaetocercus berlepschi ...

     ... Chaetocercus berlepschi: II TROCHILIDAE (Aves)

     (E) Esmeraldas Woodstar,

     (S) Colibrí de Esmeraldas, Estrellita esmeraldeña,

     (F) Colibri de Berlepsch ...

     Colibri de Berlepsch

    Chaetocercus berlepschi Simon, 1889

     ... Ordre:       Apodiformes

    Famille:       Trochilidae

    Genre:        Chaetocercus

    scientifique:    Chaetocercus berlepschi

     ... Citation:    Simon, 1889 ...

     ... scientifique:   Acestrura berlepschi, Chaetocercus berlepschi ...

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