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    Translation correct?

    Volumenstrom-abhängige Totzeit - volume-flow-dependent dead time

    Source Language Term

    Volumenstrom-abhängige Totzeit


    volume-flow-dependent dead time


    The dead time between two sensors in a pipe depends on the volume flow rate. In German I would say "Die Sensoren sind nicht direkt nebeneinander, was unweigerlich zu einer volumenstrom-abhängigen Totzeit führt.". In English, can I say "The sensors are not positioned directly next to each other, which inevitably leads to a volume-flow-dependent dead time." ? Or is that "Germanism" and I should rather try to rephrase it (e.g., "...leads to dead times, which depend on the volume flow rate")? At least the word "weather-dependent" exists, doesn't it?

    Authorlittlefoot (950167) 13 Jun 22, 16:00

    Edit: --- I just realised that I am not sure what "volume flow" (without "rate" ) means.

    I think if you say something is XYZ-dependent, people might take that as implying that it is only dependent on XYZ. Which is why it matters whether "volume flow" = "volume flow rate" or "volume flow rate" over a specified distance.

    #1AuthorAE procrastinator (1268904)  13 Jun 22, 17:58

    Ich wundere mich über zwei Dinge:

    Warum "Totzeit" statt z. B. "Ansprechverzögerung" oder schlicht "Verzögerung" (time lag)?

    Die eigentliche Einflussgröße sollte die Flussgeschwindigkeit (und deren Richtung) sein. (Die kann man natürlich sowohl aus Volumenstrom als auch aus dem Massenstrom errechnen.)

    #2AuthorHarald (dede) [de] (370386)  13 Jun 22, 21:27

    To my knowledge, there is both "volume flow" and "volume flow rate", where the later emphasizes the value, i.e., 5 l/h or 10 l/h. So it is definitely more precise to say that the dead time effect depends on the volume flow RATE. But I would also say, that "volume-flow-rate-dependent" is just too much.

    So summing up, it is probably better to say "....the dead time effect depends on the volume flow rate" instead of "... volume-flow-dependent dead time".

    #3Authorlittlefoot (950167) 16 Jun 22, 11:35
    Context/ examples

    agree with littlefoot

    .. entails a dead time that depends upon the volumetric flow rate

    It is sometimes helpful, may I say, to give a complete sentence

    #4Authorchristopher H (265481) 19 Jun 22, 11:05
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