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    Chiribiquete emerald - Chiribiquete-Smaragdkolibri, m - Chiribiquetesmaragdkolibri, m (Chlor…

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    Chiribiquete emerald ornith. - Chiribiquete-Smaragdkolibri, m - Chiribiquetesmaragdkolibri, m (Chlorostilbon olivaresi)


    Deutsche Namen der Vögel der Erde ...

     ... Segler  

     Kolibris         Familie         Trochilidae      Hummingbirds   

    ... Hochland-Smaragdkolibri      Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus      Western Emerald SA

    Kolumbiensmaragdkolibri      Chlorostilbon gibsoni   Red-billed Emerald SA

    Chiribiquete-Smaragdkolibri      Chlorostilbon olivaresi   Chiribiquete Emerald SA

    Goldbauch-Smaragdkolibri      Chlorostilbon lucidus   Glittering-bellied Emerald SA

    Gouldsmaragdkolibri      Chlorostilbon elegans   Gould‘s Emerald NA, †

    Bahamasmaragdkolibri      Chlorostilbon bracei      Brace‘s Emerald NA, † ...

    Taxonomie aller Vögel der Welt - Band I: Die komplette ...

    fotolulu • 2018 • ‎Science

    ... 1861 Chlorostilbon olivaresi Chiribiquete-Smaragdkolibri Chiribiquete Emerald SO Kolumbien Sfiles, 1996 Chlorostilbon lucidus Goldbauch-Smaragdkolibri ...


    Wissenschaftlicher Name : Chlorostilbon olivaresi

    Andere Namen: English: Chiribiquete Emerald , Español: Esmeralda del Chiribiquete , Suomi: Vuorismaragdikolibri , Français: Émeraude du Chiriquète , Nederlands: Olivares' Smaragdkolibrie , Svenska: Chiribiquetesmaragd ...

     Die Vögel der Erde

    – Arten, Unterarten, Verbreitung und deutsche Namen ...

     ... Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft, ...

     ... Chiribiquete-Smaragdkolibri   Chlorostilbon olivaresi Stiles, 1996 SA:      se Kolumbien Chiribiquete Emerald

    Goldbauch-Smaragdkolibri      Chlorostilbon lucidus (Shaw, 1812) SA:      e, se, sz Glittering-bellied Emerald

    C. l. pucherani (Bourcier & Mulsant, 1848) e Brasilien

    C. l. lucidus (Shaw, 1812) Bolivien, Paraguay, wz Brasilien und nw Argentinien

    C. l. berlepschi Pinto, 1938 s Brasilien, Uruguay, ne Argentinien ...

     ...  4534.   Trochilidae   – ᴅɪᴇ Koibris

     …5258.   Chlorostilbon – ᴅɪᴇ Smaragdkolibris

     ...   5295.   Cynanthus mellisugus or Chlorostilbon mellisugus – ᴅᴇʀ Blauschwanz-Smaragdkolibri

     ... 5303.   Chlorostilbon gibsoni – ᴅᴇʀ Gibsonsmaragdkolibri, ᴅᴇʀ Rotschnabelkolibri, ᴅᴇʀ Rotschnabel-Smaragdkolibri

    ... 5307.   Chlorostilbon olivaresi – ᴅᴇʀ Chiribiquete-Smaragdkolibri

    5308.   Trochilini – 

    5309.   Chalybura – ᴅɪᴇ Buffonkolibris

    5310.   Chalybura urochrysia – ᴅᴇʀ Bronzeschwanz-Buffonkolibri

     ... 5315.   Chalybura buffonii – ᴅᴇʀ Blauschwanz-Buffonkolibri   ...

     Der Chiribiquete-Smaragdkolibri (Chlorostilbon olivaresi) ist eine Vogelart aus der Familie der Kolibris (Trochilidae). Die Art hat ein Verbreitungsgebiet, das etwa 6.600 Quadratkilometer in dem südamerikanischen Land Kolumbien umfasst. Der Bestand wird von der IUCN als nicht gefährdet (least concern) eingeschätzt.


    Der Chiribiquete-Smaragdkolibri erreicht eine Körperlänge von etwa 8 Zentimetern. Die Schnabellänge (Culmen) beträgt 21,8 Millimeter. Die Flügeltiefe ist ca. 5 Zentimeter, der Schwanzlänge 2,6 Zentimeter und die Fußstelze (Tarsus) 4,4 Millimeter. Dabei wiegt er ca. 3,4 Gramm. Die Krone, der Nacken, der Rücken und der Bürzel des Männchens sind metallgrün. Der vordere Teil des Scheitels schimmert goldgrün. Postokular (hinter den Augen) befindet sich ein kleiner grauweißer Fleck. Der obere Teil des Schwanzes ist blaugrün und wird nach unten dunkel stahlblau. Das Gesicht und der seitliche Nacken sind smaragdgrün und weisen hellgrüne Reflexionen auf. An der Kehle bis zur oberen Brust geht die Farbe abrupt ins Blaugrün über. ...

     ... Taxonomy in detail

    Scientific name   Chlorostilbon olivaresi

    Authority      Stiles, 1996


    Common names

    English      Chiribiquete Emerald

    Taxonomic sources   SACC. 2005 and updates. A classification of the bird species of South America. Available at: #http ://  ...

     ... After critical revision only one of the hermits, Koepcke's hermit (Phaethornis koepckeae), was considered a valid species, while only four remained on the list of trochilines, namely the royal sunangel (Heliangelus regalis), colorful puffleg (Eriocnemis mirabilis), and Perija (Metallura iracunda) and Neblina metaltails (Metallura odomae). The others turned out to be subspecies, hybrids, aberrant individuals, immatures, or synonyms of known subspecies. The Chiribiquete emerald (Chlorostilbon olivaresi) is considered a valid species but may in the future end up being treated only as a subspecies of the blue-tailed emerald (Chlorostilbon mellisugus), once more detailed information on geographical character variations are available and zones of contact within this complex are better understood. ...

     Colombia's National Parks

     ... Serranía de Chiribiquete National Natural Park

    Covering an area of 4,942 sqm, Serranía de Chiribiquete is the largest national park in Colombia. It comprises a group of the Table Mountains which are located in the Amazon Region. It is the natural habitat of the Chiribiquete Emerald (Chlorostilbon olivaresi), which is a species of hummingbird endemic to the area. Chiribiquete National Natural Park was created in 1978. In addition to the Serranía de Chiribiquete Mountains, the park comprises the lowlands that surround the mountains, which consist of savannas, tropical moist forests, and rivers. The park contains ancient rock art, with some of these rock paintings being as old as 20,000 years according to estimates by researchers. ...

     Chlorostilbon olivaresi Stiles, 1996

     ...  Taxonomy and Nomenclature    

        Kingdom:   Animalia   

        Taxonomic Rank:   Species   


        Common Name(s):   Chiribiquete Emerald  [English]       

        Taxonomic Status:       Current Standing:   valid          

        Data Quality Indicators:   Record Credibility Rating:   verified - standards met ...

     The Chiribiquete emerald (Chlorostilbon olivaresi) is a species of hummingbird in the "emeralds", tribe Trochilini of subfamily Trochilinae. It is endemic to southern Colombia.[3][4]

     Taxonomy and systematics

    The Chiribiquete emerald was first described in 1996. Its specific epithet olivaresi honors Fr. Antonio Olivares to recognize his contributions to Colombian ornithology and his persisting effort in building a bird collection for the Instituto de Ciencias Natural of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.[5]

    It is monotypic.[3]


    The Chiribiquete emerald is 8.5 to 9 cm (3.3 to 3.5 in) long. Males weigh about 3.8 g (0.13 oz) and females about 3.6 g (0.13 oz). The male's bill has a black maxilla and a red mandible with a black tip. The male's upperparts are metallic green, the uppertail coverts bluish green, and the tail dark steel blue with a shallow fork. The sides of its head and neck reflect golden green. Its throat and upper breast are glittering blue-green and the rest of the underparts bright metallic green. The female's bill is black with a red tinge at the base of the mandible. The female is metallic bronze breen above and pale gray below. It has a dusky face and a white stripe behind the eye. Most of its tail is bluish green; the outer feathers have gray bases, a dark blue band near the end, and white tips.[6][5] ...

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