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    peaked hat - Schirmmütze, f

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    peaked hat textil. - Schirmmütze, f

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Leo kennt bereits

    Dictionary: peaked cap

     peaked cap         die Schirmmütze Pl.: die Schirmmützen

    ... aber noch nicht den im Englischen synonym verwendeten Begriff "peaked hat" :





    uk /piːkt/ us /piːkt/

    peaked adjective (HAT PART)

    A peaked hat has a peak at the front:

    a peaked cap ...

     ... peaked 2 /piːkt/ adjective British English   

     a peaked cap or hat has a flat curved part at the front above the eyes

     ... • Gold braid glowed on his peaked hat and epaulettes.

     ... • The gin palaces are out, polished brass, blaring radios and peaked hats, and they don't care. ...

     ... Thus, "peaked" as an adjective generally means something with a peak, such as a hat. Peaked hats are commonly associated with military and police dress uniforms, especially in the twentieth century. Due to this, there is a connotation among some peaked hats having an association with fascism, but this is merely incidental to their use in military and police uniforms. ...

     ... The peaked cap and peaked hat are worn as formal dress by members of the Hong Kong Disciplined Services (police, fire, customs/excise, immigration, health/food inspection, etc...) with influence from the British colonial services. All caps use black as base colour. The crown is flat and round in shape. Female police officers' caps have a coloured band. ...

    The peaked cap, peaked hat, service cap, barracks cover or combination cap is a form of headgear worn by the armed forces of many nations, as well as many uniformed civilian organisations such as law enforcement agencies and fire departments. It derives its name from its short visor, or peak, which was historically made of polished leather but increasingly is made of a cheaper synthetic substitute.

    The term forage cap is also used though that also applies to "field service cap" or the side cap.

    Other principal components are the crown, band and insignia, typically a cap badge and embroidery in proportion to rank. Piping is also often found, typically in contrast to the crown colour, which is usually white for navy, blue for air force and green for army. The band is typically a dark, contrasting colour, often black, but may be patterned or striped. ...

    Authorno me bré (700807) 08 Aug 22, 18:44

    Die barracks cover aus dem Wikipedia-Link sieht ebenfalls aus wie eine Schirmmütze.

    All ranks wear a white peaked cap (known as a "barracks cover"),

    #1AuthorAMS (247184) 09 Aug 22, 09:46
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