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    gilded sapphire - gilded hummingbird (Hylocharis chrysura) - Золотистый сапфир, м. (Hylocha…

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    gilded sapphire - gilded hummingbird (Hylocharis chrysura) ornith. - Золотистый сапфир, м. (Hylocharis chrysura)

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Нет войне —  No war —  Kein Krieg —  Нi вiйнi


     ... Taxonomy in detail

    Scientific name   Amazilia chrysura

    Authority      (Shaw, 1812)


    Hylocharis chrysura (Shaw, 1812)

    Trochilus chrysurus Shaw, 1812

    Common names

    English      Gilded Hummingbird, Gilded Sapphire

    Taxonomic sources   Handbook of the Birds of the World and BirdLife International. 2020. Handbook of the Birds of the World and BirdLife International digital checklist of the birds of the world. Version 5. Available at: http ://   ...


    Order Apodiformes   Family Trochilidae

    Hummingbirds are restricted to the Americas from southern Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, including the Caribbean. The majority of species occur in tropical and subtropical Central and South America. Hummingbirds are are among the smallest of birds. ...

     ... Genus Hylocharis

    Hylocharis are medium sized hummingbirds with straight bills that are bright red, with a black tip, and that are broad at the base. The sexes are similar in pattern, but females are duller in color. ...

     …  Sapphire,_Gilded also Gilded Hummingbird Hylocharis chrysura  

    Found: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uraguay

    The Gilded Sapphire has golden-green upperparts; whitish buff underparts; red bill with black tip. …

        Caprimulgiformes     Trochilidae

     Gilded Sapphire

    Hylocharis chrysura

    LC Least Concern 

     ... Medium-sized hummingbird with a long, straight bill which is red with a black tip. Deceptively dull-looking, but in the right light has a golden-green back and breast and a bronze tail. Both sexes are similar. Found at forest edges, in light woodlands, plantations, and at feeders. ...

     Hylocharis chrysura

    Taxonomy ID: 135175 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid135175)

    current name      Hylocharis chrysura (Shaw, 1812)

    basionym:         Trochilus chrysurus Shaw, 1812

    Genbank common name:   gilded hummingbird

    NCBI BLAST name: birds

    Rank: species ...

     Gilded Sapphire Hylocharis chrysura

    Described by: Shaw (1812)

    Alternate common name(s): Gilded Hummingbird

    Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors

     ... Range      

    S. tropical South America;

    E. Boliva, sc. Brazil (Minas Gerais), Paraguay, Uruguay and n. Argentina. ...

     The gilded sapphire (Hylocharis chrysura), also known as the gilded hummingbird, is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae. It is found in a wide range of open and semi-open habitats in southern Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and northern Argentina. It is generally common, and therefore considered to be of least concern by BirdLife International and consequently the IUCN. It is overall greenish-golden with a coppery tail, whitish-buff underparts, a rufous chin, and a slightly decurved, black-tipped red bill.

     .., Scientific classification

     ... Class:   Aves

    Order:   Apodiformes

    Family:   Trochilidae

    Genus:   Hylocharis

    Species:   H. chrysura

    Binomial name   Hylocharis chrysura   (Shaw, 1812) ...

      Колибри-сапфиры (лат. Hylocharis) — род птиц семейства колибри.


       Золотистый сапфир Hylocharis chrysura (Shaw, 1812)

       Белогорлый сапфир Hylocharis cyanus Vieillot, 1818

       Златохвостый сапфир Hylocharis eliciae Bourcier & Mulsant, 1846

       Синеголовый сапфир Hylocharis grayi DeLattre & Bourcier, 1846

       Hylocharis humboldtii Bourcier & Mulsant, 1852

       Hylocharis pyropygia Salvin & Godman, 1881

       Красногорлый колибри-сапфир, Красногорлый сапфир, Рыжебородый сапфир Hylocharis sapphirina Gmelin, 1788 ...

     Золотистый сапфир / Hylocharis chrysura

     ... Золотистый сапфир : информация о птице   Значения

    Охранный статус      LC - Вызывающие наименьшие опасения

    Устаревшие латинские названия птиц   Trochilus chrysurus, Amazilia chrysura

    Отряд         Стрижеобразные / Apodiformes

    Семейство      Колибри / Trochilidae

    Род         Hylocharis

    Гнездовой ареал      Южная Америка ...



     Золотистый сапфир

    Hylocharis chrysura

    LC Least Concern ...

     ... Полные данные за весь период наблюдений для всех видов и семейств. ...

     ... 1. LAT Hylocharis chrysura ( Shaw)

    2. RUS золотистый сапфир m

    3. ENG gilded hummingbird

    4. DEU Goldsaphir m

    5. FRA saphir m à queue d’or


     Научное название      Английское название      Прежнее русское название      Рекомендуемое русское название

     ...  Hylocharis eliciae      Blue-throated Sapphire      Златохвостый сапфир         Златохвостый сапфир

    Hylocharis sapphirina   Rufous-throated Sapphire      Красногорлый сапфир         Рыжебородый сапфир

    Hylocharis cyanus      White-chinned Sapphire      Белогорлый сапфир         Белобородый сапфир

    Hylocharis chrysura      Gilded Sapphire         Золотистый сапфир         Золотистый сапфир

    Hylocharis grayi      Blue-headed Sapphire      Синеголовый сапфир         Синеголовый сапфир

    Hylocharis humboldtii   Humboldt's Sapphire               Гумбольдтов сапфир  ...

     Золотистый сапфир

    Hylocharis chrysura (Shaw, 1812)

     ... Отряд:    Apodiformes

    Семейство:    Trochilidae

    Род:        Hylocharis

    Научный:       Hylocharis chrysura

     ... цитирование:    (Shaw, 1812) ...

     ... Русский:   Золотистый сапфир ...

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