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    Translation correct?

    umsteigen - make a transfer/change

    Source Language Term



    make a transfer/change

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    DE: Für immer mehr Kommunen sind Mobilstationen der erste Schritt zur Lösung ihrer Verkehrsprobleme. Sie verknüpfen mindestens zwei Verkehrsmittel und erleichtern das Umsteigen, was den Wechsel vom Auto auf umweltfreundlichere Verkehrsmittel fördert.

    EN: For more and more municipalities, mobile stations are the first step towards solving transport problems. They link at least two types of transport and make it easier to change/to make transfers, which promotes the switch from car to more environmentally friendly means of transport.


    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have a better suggestion for Umsteigen here? I might usually write 'change means of transport' here but obviously that already appears in the second part of the sentence.


    Authorsteve_hicks_tefl (1327046)  30 Sep 22, 12:37

    Since you will have mentioned "types of transport", could you say "change from one to another"?

    #1AuthorHecuba - UK (250280) 30 Sep 22, 13:27
    Mobile stations??? What on earth are mobile stations, apart from contradictions in terms?

    Can I take my mobile station with me? Or load my mobile (phone) there?
    #2Authoramw (532814) 30 Sep 22, 15:48

    Re #2 @amw

    Stimmt, ist mir noch gar nicht aufgefallen. Ist im Deutschen ja ebenso widersprüchlich.

    Wikipedia zu dem Begriff gibt's nur auf deutsch.

    #3Authorkarla13 (1364913) 30 Sep 22, 15:56

    #2 - it's just the everyday type of (train) station that you can place anywhere you need it, at any time. 😉

    #4Authorreverend (314585) 30 Sep 22, 17:35

    Na ja, "Mobilitätsstation" wäre verständlicher ... Aber ein deutscher* Begriff wäre wohl "Park-and-Ride-and-Bike".

    *Es ist Freitag.

    #5AuthorRaudona (255425) 30 Sep 22, 18:56

    Einfach nur "transfer", nicht "make transfers". Das wird zumindest in SF bei BART benutzt.

    #6AuthorIna R. (425467) 30 Sep 22, 20:47

    #6 +1. I also prefer "transportation" to "transport" here (despite the extra syllables). And with others, I wonder about Mobilstationen and think that "mobile stations" is likely not the best term.

    One possibility:

    For more and more municipalities, "mobile stations" (???) are the first step towards solving transport transportation problems. They link at least two types modes of transport transportation and make it easier to change/to make transfers, which promotes transfer, promoting the switch from car cars to more environmentally friendly means of transport transportation.

    #7AuthorMartin--cal (272273)  30 Sep 22, 23:19

    I'd go for "mobility hubs" to translate the dubious "Mobilstationen".

    #8Authorreverend (314585) 30 Sep 22, 23:48

    #7 I also prefer "transportation" to "transport" here

    This is a matter of AE or BE. We would be more likely to use "transportation" for the transportation of goods, or of convicts to Australia.

    #9AuthorHecuba - UK (250280) 01 Oct 22, 00:22
    Context/ examples

    In 2020 Arup published a 38-page Mobility Hubs of the Future report that began with the definition of a mobility hub as: “In the current transport system, mobility hubs are commonly seen as physical places that connect a variety of transport modes. A mobility hub can be anything from a bus stop and a bike sharing station to an inner-city main train station.”


    I think reverend's "mobility hubs" is the generally used term for this.

    To me "transfer" alone sounds an awful lot like switching from one line of public transport to another.

    Perhaps: By connecting two or more modes of transport, they make it easy to switch from one to another, thus encouraging a shift away from cars towards more environmentally friendly alternatives.

    #10AuthorAE procrastinator (1268904) 01 Oct 22, 14:00

    Thank you everyone!

    #11Authorsteve_hicks_tefl (1327046) 04 Oct 22, 08:17

    FWIW, aus dem Wiki-Link in #3 (und re #4) :

     Eine Mobilitätsstation oder Mobilstation ist ein im Personenverkehr genutzter Verknüpfungspunkt zwischen verschiedenen Verkehrsträgern. Als Erweiterung der Park-and-Ride-Idee bietet eine Mobilitätsstation vor allem Übergangspunkte zum Carsharing, Bikesharing oder dem privaten Fahrrad. Im Rahmen der Verkehrswende werden Mobilitätsstationen an vielen Bahnstationen und Haltestellen errichtet, damit Menschen dort einfacher umsteigen können.


    Die ersten Mobilitätsstationen in Deutschland entstanden 2003 in Bremen.[1]

    In der ostwestfälischen Stadt Altenbeken in Nordrhein-Westfalen wurde die erste Mobilstation 2017 am Bahnhof eröffnet.[2] ...

    #12Authorno me bré (700807) 04 Oct 22, 10:11
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