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    ourselves - wir selbst

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    Fehlt anscheinend in LEO. Belege werde ich vielleicht nachliefern, im Moment zu müde. Daher sparsames wmw-Erinnerungsfädlein II/2022.

    Verfasser Wachtelkönig (396690)  26 Nov. 22, 03:13
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    Bisher hat Leo dazu

    Siehe Wörterbuch: ourselves

     Präpositionen / Pronomen / ...

     ourselves Pron.      uns Reflexivpron.

    ourselves Pron.      uns selbst ...

    ... und je zwei Einträge bei Beispiele und Phrasen ...


    ... dazu auch :




    uk /ˌaʊəˈselvz/ /ˌɑːˈselvz/ us /ˌaʊ.ɚˈselvz/ /ˌaʊrˈselvz/

    used when the subject of the verb is "we" or the speaker and one or more others, and the object is the same group of people:

    We went to get ourselves something to eat.

    John and I promised ourselves a good holiday this year.

     ... formal

    used to emphasize the subject "we":

    We ourselves realize that there are flaws in the plan.

     ... (all) by ourselves

    alone or without help from anyone else:

    We were all by ourselves in the restaurant.

    Nobody wanted to come with us, so we went by ourselves.

    We couldn't do all the work by ourselves.

     ... (all) to ourselves

    for our use only:

    The hotel was very quiet so we had the swimming pool all to ourselves .

    More examples

       Against all probability we found ourselves in the same hotel.

       It was so noisy that we couldn't hear ourselves speak.

       We amused ourselves by watching the passers-by.

       Let's not trouble ourselves about the precise details at the moment.

       We must ensure that we do not set ourselves goals that are not attainable. ...


      ... ourselves in British English

    (aʊəˈsɛlvz IPA Pronunciation Guide )



    a. the reflexive form of we or us

    b. (intensifier)

    we ourselves will finish it

    2. (preceded by a copula)

    our usual selves

    we are ourselves when we're together

    3. not standard

    used instead of we or us in compound noun phrases

    other people and ourselves ...



    plural pronoun

    our·​selves är-ˈselvz au̇(-ə)r-

    1   : those identical ones that are we

    —used reflexively

    we're doing it solely for ourselves

    , for emphasis

    we ourselves will never go

    , or in absolute constructions

    ourselves no longer young, we can sympathize with those who are old

    compare we sense 1

    2: our normal, healthy, or sane condition

    just not ourselves today ...

    #1Verfasserno me bré (700807) 26 Nov. 22, 10:32

    Danke, no me bré. Anscheinend kann normalerweise nur die Kombination "we ... ourselves" mit "wir selbst" übersetzt werden. Außer hier:

    3. not standard

    used instead of we or us in compound noun phrases

    other people and ourselves ...

    #2VerfasserWachtelkönig (396690) 26 Nov. 22, 16:08
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