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    Marquesan swiftlet - Marquesassalangane, f (Aerodramus ocistus / ocista Syn. Collocalia ocista)

    New entry

    Marquesan swiftlet ornith. - Marquesassalangane, f (Aerodramus ocistus / ocista Syn. Collocalia ocista)


    Deutsche Namen der Vögel der Erde ...

     ... Segler         Familie Apodidae         Swifts 113

     ... Polynesiensalangane   Aerodramus leucophaeus      Tahiti Swiftlet      PO

    Atiusalangane      Aerodramus sawtelli      Atiu Swiftlet      PO

    Marquesassalangane   Aerodramus ocistus         Marquesan Swiftlet      PO

    Schwarznestsalangane   Aerodramus maximus      Black-nest Swiftlet      OR

    Weißnestsalangane      Aerodramus fuciphagus      Edible-nest Swiftlet      OR, AU

    Malaiensalangane      Aerodramus germani      Germain‘s Swiftlet      OR  ...

     Wissenschaftliche Sammlungen   › Teil-Katalog der wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen   Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

     ...    Aerodramus ocista

    1. Marquessasalangane (Deutsch) 2. Marquesan Swiftlet (English)

    › Lebewesen › Tier › Chordata [1. Chordatiere (Deutsch)] › Vertebrata [1. Wirbeltiere (Deutsch)] › Aves [1. Vögel (Deutsch)] › Apodiformes [1. Segler (Deutsch)] › Apodidae [1. Segler(artige) (Deutsch)] › Aerodramus ocista [1. Marquessasalangane (Deutsch) 2. Marquesan Swiftlet (English)]  ...


    Wissenschaftlicher Name : Collocalia ocista

    Andere Namen: Català: Falciot de les Marqueses , English: Marquesan Swiftlet , Español: Rabitojo de las Marquesas , Basque: Aerodramus ocistus , Français: Salangane des Marquises , Nederlands: Markiezensalangaan , Português: Aerodramus ocistus ...

     Die Vögel der Erde

    – Arten, Unterarten, Verbreitung und deutsche Namen ...

     ... Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft, ...

    ... Segler 113 Familie Apodidae Swifts

      ... Polynesiensalangane Aerodramus leucophaeus (Peale, 1849) PO: Gesellschaftsinseln Tahiti Swiftlet

    Atiusalangane Aerodramus sawtelli (Holyoak, 1974) PO: Cookinseln Atiu Swiftlet

    Marquesassalangane Aerodramus ocistus (Oberholser, 1906) PO: Marquesas Marquesan Swiftlet

     ... Schwarznestsalangane Aerodramus maximus (Hume, 1878) OR: Malaiische Halbinsel, Große Sundainseln Black-nest Swiftlet

     ... Weißnestsalangane Aerodramus fuciphagus (Thunberg, 1812) OR, AU: Andamanen, Kleine Sundainseln Edible-nest Swiftlet

     ... Malaiensalangane Aerodramus germani (Oustalet, 1876) OR: Südostasien, Borneo, Philippinen Germain's Swiftlet  ...

     ... 4170.   Apodidae, Cypselidae, Micropodidae – ᴅɪᴇ Segler

     …4250.   Aerodramus – namenlos

     ... 4280.   Aerodramus vanikorensis – ᴅɪᴇ Einfarbsalangane

     ... 4293.   Aerodramus vanikorensis palawanensis or Aerodramus amelis palawanensis or Aerodramus palawanensis – ᴅɪᴇ Palawan-Grausalangane

    4294.   Aerodramus ocistus – ᴅɪᴇ Marquesassalangane

     ... 4297.   Aerodramus leucophaeus [sensu lato : incl. ocistus]  – ᴅɪᴇ Polynesiensalangane

    4298.   Aerodramus leucophaeus [sensu stricto] or Aerodramus leucophaeus leucophaeus – ᴅɪᴇ Polynesiensalangane

    4299.   Aerodramus sawtelli – ᴅɪᴇ Atiusalangane ...

     Harry Church Oberholser (* 25. Juni 1870 in Brooklyn New York City; † 25. Dezember 1963 in Cleveland, Ohio) war ein amerikanischer Ornithologe und Biologe.

     ... Von Oberholser beschriebene Arten

    Braunbürzelsalangane (Aerodramus mearnsi) (Oberholser, 1912)

    Großschnabel-Rohrsänger (Acrocephalus orinus) (Oberholser, 1905)

    Marquesassalangane (Aerodramus ocistus) (Oberholser, 1906)

    Seychellenfalke (Falco araea) (Oberholser, 1917)

    Seychellensalangane (Aerodramus elaphrus) (Oberholser, 1906) ...

     Aerodramus ocistus

    Taxonomy ID: 2182457 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid2182457)

    current name      Aerodramus ocistus (Oberholser, 1906)

    basionym:         Collocalia ocista Oberholser, 1906

    homotypic synonym:      Aerodramus ocista

                  Collocalia leucophaea ocista

    Genbank common name:   Marquesan swiftlet

    NCBI BLAST name: birds

    Rank: species ...

     Marquesan Swiftlet Aerodramus ocistus

    Described by: Oberholser (1906)

    Alternate common name(s): Marquesas Swiftlet

    Old scientific name(s): Collocalia ocista, Aerodramus ocista

     ... Range   Marquesas Is.;

    Restricted range;

    (1) N. Marquesas Is. (Eiao, Nuku Hiva and Ua Huka).

    (2) S. Marquesas Is. (Ua Pu, Hiva Oa and Tahuata). ...

     ...  Aerodramus ocista 

     ... Nomenclature

       Family: Apodidae

       Genus: Aerodramus

    Species:      Aerodramus ocista

    Usage:      valid

    Vernacular names:   

    Vernacular name:   Marquesan swiftlet

    Language:   English ...

     Species of Swiftlets or Cave Swiftlets

     ... Genus Aerodramus

     ... Atiu Swiftlet, Aerodramus sawtelli

    Polynesian Swiftlet, Aerodramus leucophaeus

    Marquesan Swiftlet, Aerodramus ocistus

    Black-nest Swiftlet, Aerodramus maximus

    Edible-nest Swiftlet, Aerodramus fuciphagus ...

     ... It was also introduced to Hiva Oa (Marquesas Islands) in 1918 where it is thought to have displaced some endemic land birds such as the Marquesan warbler Acrocephalus caffer mendanae (Muscicapidae)), the Marquesan swiftlet (Collocalia ocista (Apodidae)), and the white-capped fruit-dove (Ptilinopus dupetitthouarsii (Columbidae)). Despite a law enacted in 1938 prohibiting alien bird introductions, common mynas were intentionally released on two atolls of the Tuamotu archipelago (Hao and Mururoa) in 1976, and in 2002 they were observed in the town of Taihoae on the island of Nuku Hiva (Marquesas Islands) and on the raised atoll of Makatea

    (Tuamotu Is.). ...

     Aerodramus ocistus (Oberholser, 1906)

     ...  Taxonomy and Nomenclature           

        Kingdom:   Animalia   

        Taxonomic Rank:   Species   

        Synonym(s):   Collocalia ocista Oberholser, 1906

        Common Name(s):   Marquesan Swiftlet [English]       

        Taxonomic Status:       Current Standing:   valid        

        Data Quality Indicators:    Record Credibility Rating:   verified - standards met ...

     The Marquesan swiftlet (Aerodramus ocistus) is a species of swift in the family Apodidae.[1] It is endemic to French Polynesia. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

     Scientific classification

     ... Class:   Aves

    Order:   Apodiformes

    Family:   Apodidae

    Genus:   Aerodramus

    Species:   A. ocistus

    Binomial name   Aerodramus ocistus   (Oberholser, 1906)

    Synonyms      Collocalia ocista, Aerodramus ocista  ...

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