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    volcano swiftlet (Aerodramus vulcanorum syn. Collocalia vulcanorum) - Vulkansalangane, f (Aero…

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    volcano swiftlet (Aerodramus vulcanorum syn. Collocalia vulcanorum) ornith. - Vulkansalangane, f (Aerodramus vulcanorum Syn. Collocalia vulcanorum)


    Deutsche Namen der Vögel der Erde ...

     ... Segler         Familie Apodidae         Swifts 113

     ...  Queenslandsalangane   Aerodramus terraereginae      Australian Swiftlet      AU

    Himalajasalangane      Aerodramus brevirostris      Himalayan Swiftlet      OR

    Vulkansalangane      Aerodramus vulcanorum      Volcano Swiftlet      OR

    Philippinensalangane   Aerodramus whiteheadi      Whitehead‘s Swiftlet   OR

    Nacktfußsalangane      Aerodramus nuditarsus      Bare-legged Swiftlet      AU

    Salomonensalangane   Aerodramus orientalis      Mayr‘s Swiftlet      AU   ...

    Taxonomie aller Vögel der Welt - Band I: Die komplette ...

    fotolulu • 2018 • ‎Science

    ... N und WThailand, N Laos und NW Vietnam Deignan, 1955 Aerodramus vulcanorum Vulkansalangane Volcano Swiftlet WJava Stresemann, 1926 Aerodramus whiteheadi ...


    Wissenschaftlicher Name : Collocalia vulcanorum

    Andere Namen: Català: Falciot dels volcans , English: Volcano Swiftlet , Español: Rabitojo Volcán , Basque: Aerodramus vulcanorum , Français: Salangane des volcans , Nederlands: Vulkaansalangaan , Polski: Salangana himalajska , Svenska: Himalayasalangan ...

     Die Vögel der Erde

    – Arten, Unterarten, Verbreitung und deutsche Namen ...

     ... Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft, ...

    ... Segler 113 Familie Apodidae Swifts

     ... ... Queenslandsalangane Aerodramus terraereginae (Ramsay, EP, 1875) AU: ne Australien Australian Swiftlet

     ... Himalajasalangane Aerodramus brevirostris (Horsfield, 1840) OR: ne Indien bis sz China und Malaiische Halbinsel Himalayan Swiftlet

     ... Vulkansalangane Aerodramus vulcanorum (Stresemann, 1926) OR: w Java Volcano Swiftlet

    Philippinensalangane Aerodramus whiteheadi (Ogilvie-Grant, 1895) OR: Philippinen Whitehead's Swiftlet

    ... Nacktfußsalangane Aerodramus nuditarsus (Salomonsen, 1962) AU: Neuguinea Bare-legged Swiftlet

    Salomonensalangane Aerodramus orientalis (Mayr, 1935) AU: Bismarck-Archipel, Salomonen Mayr's Swiftlet   ...

     ... 4170.   Apodidae, Cypselidae, Micropodidae – ᴅɪᴇ Segler

     … 4250.   Aerodramus – namenlos

     ... 4257.   Aerodramus brevirostris – ᴅɪᴇ Himalayasalangane

     ... 4260.   Aerodramus brevirostris rogersi or Aerodramus rogersi – ᴅɪᴇ Rogers Himalayasalangane

    4261.   Aerodramus vulcanorum – ᴅɪᴇ Vulkansalangane

    4262.   Aerodramus whiteheadi – ᴅɪᴇ Philippinensalangane

     ... 4265.   Aerodramus nuditarsus  – ᴅɪᴇ Nacktfußsalangane

    4266.   Aerodramus orientalis – ᴅɪᴇ Salomonensalangane ...

     ... Systematik

    Ursprünglich wurden alle Salanganen der Gattung Collocalia zugeordnet. Im Jahr 1970 teilte R. K. Brooke die Salanganen in drei Gattungen, wobei die Fähigkeit zur Echoortung das entscheidende Kriterium darstellte; alle über diese Fähigkeit verfügenden Salanganen wurden in die Gattung Aerodramus gestellt. Seit aber nachgewiesen wurde, dass die zur Gattung Collocalia gestellte Zwergsalangane (C. troglodytes) auch zu den echoortenden Arten zählt, ist die Systematik innerhalb der Salanganen wieder offen.[12]

    Am nächsten mit der Schwarznestsalangane verwandt ist die Unterart vulcanorum der Himalayasalangane, die von einigen Autoren auch als eigenständige Art (Aerodramus vulcanorum oder Collocalia vulcanorum, Vulkansalangane) betrachtet wird und damit die Schwesterart der Schwarznestsalangane wäre.[12] ...

     ... Taxonomy in detail

    Scientific name   Aerodramus vulcanorum

    Authority      (Stresemann, 1926)

    Synonyms      Collocalia vulcanorum (Stresemann, 1926)

    Common names

    English      Volcano Swiftlet

    Taxonomic sources   del Hoyo, J., Collar, N.J., Christie, D.A., Elliott, A. and Fishpool, L.D.C. 2014. HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Volume 1: Non-passerines. Lynx Edicions BirdLife International, Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge, UK.

    Identification Information

    Taxonomic notes   Aerodramus vulcanorum (del Hoyo and Collar 2014) was previously placed in the genus Collocalia. ...

     ... ABSTRACT

    Bird surveys and long-term bird monitoring in Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park were conducted between 1998 and 2009 to obtain comprehensive data on the bird species in the area. Compilation of bird data from this study and other studies have recorded a total of 271 species, which is about 53.4% of all Javan birds (507 species) or 16.9% of all Indonesian birds (1605 species). ...

     ... 75 Apodidae Hydrochous gigas Hartert & Butler, 1901 Giant Swiftlet Not protected Near Threatened

    76 Apodidae Collocalia vulcanorum (Stresemann, 1926) (EJ) Volcano Swiftlet Not protected Near Threatned

    77 Apodidae Collocalia fuciphaga Thunberg, 1821 Edible-nest Swiftlet Not protected Not Applicable ...

      NT   Volcano Swiftlet        Aerodramus vulcanorum

     ...  Distribution and population      This species is restricted to Java, Indonesia (BirdLife International 2001). There are confirmed records from four sites in west Java, with likely but unconfirmed reports from five further sites in west, central and east Java. Taking an average colony size of 25 pairs and assuming only one colony per site, this would give a total of under 400 birds for all localities, but this is thought to be highly precautionary and an additional four to five craters may also support the species.

     ... Threats   As the species nests in crater crevices and all known localities are active volcanoes, population size is inherently restricted, and colonies are vulnerable to periodic extinction due to volcanic activity. Habitat requirements are poorly known, but this species could be susceptible to the loss of forest habitats surrounding breeding sites due to logging and agricultural conversion. Disturbance by tourists may become an increasing problem at locations such as Mt Gede and Mt Tangkuban Perahu (Imanuddin in litt. 2004, Jihad, Burung Indonesia in litt. 2016). ...

     The world's most endangered swifts and hummingbirds

     ... Conservation status of the world's swifts and hummingbirds

     ... APODIDAE   Chaetura pelagica   Chimney Swift   NT   decreasing

    APODIDAE   Collocalia francica   Mascarene Swiftlet, Mauritius Swiftlet   NT   unknown

    APODIDAE   Collocalia vulcanorum   Volcano Swiftlet   NT   stable

    APODIDAE   Cypseloides rothschildi   Rothschild's Swift   NT   stable

    TROCHILIDAE   Discosura popelairii   Wire-crested Thorntail   NT   unknown ...


    Order Apodiformes   Family Apodidae

     The swifts are a family, Apodidae, of highly aerial birds. They are superficially similar to swallows, but are actually not closely related to passerine species at all. Swifts are in the separate order Apodiformes, which they share with hummingbirds. The treeswifts are closely related to the true swifts, but form a separate family, the Hemiprocnidae. Swifts use their short legs only for clinging onto vertical surfaces or wires, and never land on the ground voluntarily.Because of this, and also because they usually fly fast and sledom alight, they are difficult to photograph. Often the best way to identify a swift is by where it is found. ...

    ... Genus Aerodramus

    These small swifts nest in caves. Unique among swifts, they use echolocation which enables them to navigate in caves. Because saliva is used to make the nests, some people consider them edible. ...

     ... Swiftlet,_Volcano Aerodramus vulcanorum 

    Found: Java of Indonesia

    The Volcano Swiftlet formerly considered conspecific with the Himalayan Swiftlet. ...

     Aerodramus vulcanorum

    Taxonomy ID: 207699 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid207699)

    current name      Aerodramus vulcanorum

    basionym:         Collocalia brevirostris vulcanorum Stresemann, 1926

    homotypic synonym:      Collocalia vulcanorum

    Genbank common name:   Volcano Swiftlet

    NCBI BLAST name: birds

    Rank: species ...

     The volcano swiftlet (Aerodramus vulcanorum or Collocalia vulcanorum) is a species of bird in the family Apodidae formerly considered conspecific with the Himalayan swiftlet (Aerodramus brevirostris). It is endemic to several sites in western Java in Indonesia.


    Aerodramus vulcanorum nests in rock crevices at 1000 to 3,000m above sea level. It forages around peaks and ridges of volcanoes and over hilly primary forest. All known breeding sites are on active volcanoes. the active elevation range of this species plays a major role in where it lives.

     ... Scientific classification

     ... Phylum:   Chordata

    Class:   Aves

    Order:   Apodiformes

    Family:   Apodidae

    Genus:   Aerodramus

    Species:   A. vulcanorum

    Binomial name   Aerodramus vulcanorum   Stresemann, 1926 ...

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