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    Archbold's nightjar - mountain eared-nightjar - cloud-forest nightjar (Eurostopodus archboldi) …

    Nouvelle entrée

    Archbold's nightjar - mountain eared-nightjar - cloud-forest nightjar (Eurostopodus archboldi) ornith. - engoulevent d'Archbold, m (Eurostopodus archboldi)


     ... Taxonomy in detail

    Scientific name   Eurostopodus archboldi

    Authority      (Mayr & Rand, 1935)


    Common names

    English      Archbold's Nightjar, Cloud-forest Nightjar, Mountain Eared-Nightjar

    Taxonomic sources   del Hoyo, J., Collar, N.J., Christie, D.A., Elliott, A. and Fishpool, L.D.C. 2014. HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Volume 1: Non-passerines. Lynx Edicions BirdLife International, Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge, UK.   ...

     ... Based on those provided by Cleere and Nurney4 and under the assumption that sexual biometric differentiation within diabolicus is marginal, as in the closely allied Archbold's Nightjar Eurostopodus archboldi of montane New Guinea (see below), estimated size disparity between the two forms could be up to about 20% in total body length, 26% in wing length and about 20% in tail length. ...

     Nightjars are medium-sized nocturnal birds with long wings, short legs and very short bills that usually nest on the ground. Nightjars are sometimes referred to as goatsuckers from the mistaken belief that they suck milk from goats (the Latin for goatsucker is Caprimulgus). ...

     ... Subfamily Eurostopodidae (eared nightjars)

       Mountain Eared-Nightjar, Eurostopodus archboldi

       Spotted Eared-Nightjar, Eurostopodus argus

       Satanic Eared-Nightjar, Eurostopodus diabolicus

       Great Eared-Nightjar, Eurostopodus macrotis

       White-throated Eared-Nightjar, Eurostopodus mystacalis ...

     Birding West Papua – October 2016 ...

     ... Nightjars

    Archbold’s Nightjar Eurostopodus archboldi: There has to be some compensation for constantly riding in the back of the truck and this proved true when DB saw one flush from the road and fly close to the truck as dusk approached. Unfortunately it was not to be found on the return journey… Endemic NG. ...

     The world's most endangered nightjars, nighthawks, frogmouths, and potoos

     ... Species comprising the chart above include:

     Family   Scientific name   Common name(s)   Red List status   Population trend ...

     ... CAPRIMULGIDAE   Chordeiles rupestris      Sand-colored Nighthawk, Sand-coloured Nighthawk   LC   decreasing

    CAPRIMULGIDAE      Eurostopodus archboldi   Cloud-forest Nightjar, Mountain Eared-nightjar, Mountain Eared-Nightjar   LC   stable

    CAPRIMULGIDAE      Eurostopodus argus      Spotted Eared-nightjar, Spotted Eared-Nightjar, Spotted Nightjar   LC   stable ...

     Eurostopodus archboldi (Mayr & Rand, 1935)

     ...  Taxonomy and Nomenclature           

        Kingdom:   Animalia   

        Taxonomic Rank:   Species   

        Synonym(s):   Lyncornis archboldi Mayr & Rand, 1935

        Common Name(s):   Cloud-forest Nightjar [English]

                   Archbold's Nightjar [English]       

        Taxonomic Status:       Current Standing:   valid   

        Data Quality Indicators:   Record Credibility Rating:   verified - standards met ...

     Archbold's nightjar (Eurostopodus archboldi), also known as the mountain eared-nightjar or cloud-forest nightjar, is a species of nightjar in the family Caprimulgidae. It is found in the highlands of New Guinea. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is named after American explorer Richard Archbold.

     ... Scientific classification

     ... Class:   Aves

    Order:   Caprimulgiformes

    Family:   Caprimulgidae

    Genus:   Eurostopodus

    Species:   E. archboldi

    Binomial name   Eurostopodus archboldi   (Mayr & Rand, 1935) ...

     L’Engoulevent d'Archbold (Eurostopodus archboldi) est une espèce d'oiseau se trouvant en Indonésie et en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée. Son nom commémore l'ornithologue Richard Archbold (1907-1976).

     ... Classification (COI)

     ... Classe   Aves

    Ordre   Caprimulgiformes

    Famille   Caprimulgidae

    Genre   Eurostopodus

    Espèce   Eurostopodus archboldi   (Mayr et Rand, 1935) ...

     Engoulevent d'Archbold

    Eurostopodus archboldi - Archbold's Nightjar

     Description identification

    Engoulevent d'Archbold (Eurostopodus archboldi) est un oiseau qui appartient à la famille des Caprimulgidés.

     ... Habitat

    Forêt : montagneuse humide

     ...  Descripteur   Mayr Rand, 1935

    Biométrie         Taille    : 30 cm ...

     ... Français

    Domaine(s)      Oiseaux

    Entrée(s) universelle(s)   Eurostopodus archboldi   latin

       engoulevent d'Archbold

       correct, voir observation, nom masculin, uniformisé

    OBS   Oiseau de la famille des Caprimulgidae.

    OBS   engoulevent d'Archbold : nom français uniformisé par la Commission internationale des noms français des oiseaux. ...

      Engoulevent d'Archbold

    Caprimulgiformes > Caprimulgidae > Eurostopodus archboldi   (Mayr & Rand, 1935)

    Mountain Eared-Nightjar (en) ;Archboldnachtschwalbe (de) ;Succiacapre di Archbold (it) ;Chotacabras de Archbold (es)

    Note : aussi Archbold's Nightjar (en).

     ... Répartition : Hautes terres de Nouvelle-Guinée.

    Habitat : Forêt tropicale et subtropicale humide de montagne.

     ... Région : Océanie ( 2 pays afficher/cacher )

    Statut :    Non-critique, population stable ...

      Caprimulgidae (engoulevents)

     ... Nombre de genres : 16

    Nombre d’espèces : 100

     ... Genre Eurostopodus – 7 espèces

    ... Engoulevent satanique Eurostopodus diabolicus

    Engoulevent papou Eurostopodus papuensis

    Engoulevent d’Archbold Eurostopodus archboldi

    Genre Lyncornis – 2 espèces

    Engoulevent de Temminck Lyncornis temminckii

    Engoulevent oreillard Lyncornis macrotis ...

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